LTTE terrorists kill 04 villagers including a woman - Anuradhapura

Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order

Four civilians including a woman were shot dead by LTTE terrorists today (26 November) at Mahawilachchiya village bordering Wilpaththu Sanctuary, Mahawilachchiya Police said.

According to Police sources, terrorists have opened small arms fire at the villagers and fled into the jungles area at the bordering Wilpaththu Sanctuary.

Police and security forces are now engaged extensive search and clearing operations in the area, Mahawilchchiya Police said.

Defence sources viewed this as an LTTE genocide attempt to cause fear among the villagers forcing them to flee their traditional lands, at the boarders of the ancient Anuradahapura Kingdom.

Mahawilachchiya is located approximately 30 kilometers north west of Anuradhapura.

According to latest reports the innocent civilians were residents at 'Yaya haya' and 'Yaya hatha' at Dakunu Evura near Mannar junction in the Mahawilachchiya locality.

The innocent civilians killed were identified as;

Herath Mudiyanselage Ekanayake (Male)

Rajapaksha Mudiyanselage Punchibanda (Male)

Ellage Hemapala (Male)

P.S. Leelawathi Podi Manike (Female)

"Ellage Hemapala and Leelawathi Podi Manike were husband and wife, who were also traditional farmers like the others killed today (26)", Mahawilachchiya Police said.

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