"Tamils For Justice" should ask the Indian government for Tamil Statehood.

L Peiris

Bruce Fein, the associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, must have received a satisfactory payment from the blood money coffers of LTTE terrorists to act as a lawyer for Tamils For Justice, a U.S. group of Tamil activists. [TamilNet, Tuesday, 29 January 2008]

Sri Lankans do not want ‘Baloney’ from this so called renowned , lawyer who has sold his integrity for tiger dollars. 20 million Sri lankans Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other community Sri lankans are quite satisfied with the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka. 52% of Tamils in Sri Lanka live and work among the Sinhala and other communities in the South in peace. Sri Lankans care two hoots for groups of Tamil activists in the US or other parts of the world.

Are these Tamil activists or their families going to come back to Sri Lanka! They have received asylum or indefinite stay in these western nations, by lying through their teeth about alleged intimidation, harassment meted out to them. They are well coached in the art of ‘play acting’ at Immigration tribunals or courts by experienced cunning Tamil lawyers. They could win a few ‘Oscars’ for their performances.

These activists or their misguided supporters will never ever be able to throw off the legally and democratically elected government of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans will decide the fate of our leaders and government not some bunch of foreign activists.

Does the English Language practised in the U.S exclude and handicap Tamils in public or private employment, education, housing or welfare? The Tamils do learn the languages of these foreign countries very quickly as they cannot fill the benefit claims. Bruce Fein should not talk of things he does not know. There were more Roads, schools, hospitals and public utilities per square mile for people in Jaffna, than in most other provincial centres in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka everyone is equal and the Tamil minority must accept that they cannot have the privileges and preferential treatment given to them by the British colonial master for posturing on all fours.

In the past two/three decades 70,000 Sri Lankan lives have been lost, due to Tamil terrorists and terrorism.

Sri Lankan ambassador to the United States, Bernard Goonetilleke, is an honest man representing his country and trying to dispel and counter the fraudulent propaganda broadcast by Tamil activist and supporters of LTTE terrorists to misguided individuals like you and others.

It is appreciated that Washington Times has a history of speaking on behalf of the Sri Lanka Embassy, as maybe evident. It is because intellectual people cannot be hoodwinked by Tamil activists who are nothing but terrorists. Bruce Fein take the payments and make hay while the sun shines as it won’t be long before the gravy train dries up.

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