Hope Bruce Fein will not Represent Terrorists

Wick. Gankanda Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear Mr. Bruce Fein,

There are plenty of reports from media sources stating that you have decided to represent the front organizations for the Tamil Terrorists in the United States and feed their false propaganda to the media. I have had the disgusting experience of reading one such propaganda paper with horror and disbelief. The lies in that article were so numerous that as a Sri Lankan-American, I don't even know where to begin.

Are you aware that Tamil Terrorists are committing ethnic cleansing of non-Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka? Since you need to make a living and has already accepted money from these Tamil Terrorists, maybe you prefer to ignore the facts on the ground. If that's the case, it is bad news for the civilized world.

Did you know that they attempted to bribe U.S. State Department officials and continue to mass murder civilians by suicide bombings?

Do you have children Mr. Bruce Fein? The Tamils are famous for recruiting children as soldiers for their terror war against a democracy!

To further your education, how about reading FBI's report: TAMING THE TAMIL TIGERS, From Here in the U.S.

Are you aware that these Tamils are involved in the following:
* Using innocent civilians as human shields at hospitals
* Fund-raising in the west for terror activities (Jane's Defense Intelligence Review, 2007)
* Setting up bogus (including Tsunami) charities to evade taxes to fund terror
* Human trafficking and bogus refugee scams
* Arms purchase and arms trafficking
* Export and trade of terror technology
* Credit card fraud
* Money laundering
* Identification fraud
* Counterfeit trade
* Passport fraud
* Assassination of political leaders
* Systematic murder of moderate Tamils
* Sea piracy
* Extortion
* Misleading the global media with false information (BBC, The Economist, Reporters Without Borders)
* Misusing radio broadcasting services to fund terror under the guise of journalism (UK, Australia and Canada)
* Using UNICEF/UN aid to fortify terror infrastructure in LTTE-controlled areas
* Purchasing the support of officials in the governments of Canada, UK (British House of Commons) and Norway to 'legitimize' their criminal activities
* Purchasing the support of officials in the United Nations (John Holmes, Alan Rock, Radhika Coomaraswamy) to work as proxies
* Recruiting money and support hungry organizations such as Amnesty International to divert attention, destroy democracy and spread false propaganda

Since you are an educated man, we hope you will grow a conscience and assist the FBI in bringing these front organizations of terrorists to justice.

FACTS about ethnic cleansing by Tamil Terrorists:
Tamils live and work in peace in ALL parts of Sri Lanka. They own over half of the businesses, run political parties and publish newspapers freely in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, only a Tamil can live in the North or North-East of the island. All other ethnic groups live in fear of death or were systematically murdered by Tamil Terrorists. This is a classic example of ethnic cleansing combined with genocide driven by racism which is a core element of Tamil Terrorist ideology. This is what the Tamil Terrorists are buying with money and false propaganda.

Wick. Gankanda
Los Angeles, California, USA

* FBI, Washington, D.C.
* Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Judge Michael Chertoff
* US Secretary of Defense, Mr. Robert Gates

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