R2P:The gifts of the Westerners

by Lalin Fernando Courtesy The Island

The R2P hymn
'He stood on the steeple
And P.... (d) on the people
But the people couldn't
P… on him

(With apologies to Robert Hawk a helicopter pilot in Vietnam-adapted from his book 'Chicken Hawk').

Gifts of the white man

The formidable new Western axis powers which gifted venereal disease then to the East and now Aids, want to promote R2P as they are now fighting again for lebensraum. This time it is not individually for empires as before but together calling themselves the all powerful strictly whites only international community (IC). They sleep uneasily under their beds as Osama and Al Zawahri are threatening to ratchet up their holy war to send them to burning hell. But what gives them unending nightmares is that Obama, a Black, may soon become the next President of the USA. That will make many white eyes don the earlier derided and revolting suicide jacket, (Louise A has already got her first fit on), get into their nuclear bomb shelters or simply scramble up steeples to P.

The IC has decided on indirect attacks on small countries to involve and distract the whole world by launching R2P which the former colonial rulers say over rides national sovereignty. Haven't we heard this one before when they had guns and we had only bows and arrows and later, when we had guns they had machine guns? Heard of Jallianwallahbagh in Amritsar where in 1919 the British commander General Dwyer ordered his troops to open fire with a medium machine gun on unarmed Indians and after killing 379 and wounding1200, said his only regret was that he had run short of ammo! No wonder the IC promoting R2P, now that India and Pakistan have it, do not want Iran or North Korea to have the 'bomb' as well.

A western civility

The first recorded case of R2P in mid 20th century was by the Germans under Hitler when they gobbled up Czechoslovakia and then Poland in 1939.This resulted in WW2.

The American attack on Cuba (Bay of Pigs) and Grenada were farcical versions of the same. In the latter the USAF took out a mental asylum, probably and unfortunately mistaking it for the Pentagon! Britain's attack on the Falklands in 1982 was their last R2P of the 20th century which SL supported for short term gain. The USA and UK in 2003 with their new set of European brothers including those who supported Hitler in WW2 (Italians, Hungarians etc) invoked R2P in Iraq and Afghanistan. The IC will not however ever invoke R2P on its own members for permitting 'rendition flights' or for Abu Graib and Gautanamo. A French charity in Chad a few months ago abducted a plane load of little children and tried to plead it was a charitable R2P. Another in SL (ACF) forced its native workers to remain in a combat zone (Muttur) while its white bosses were studying the situation from a 5 star hotel in Colombo, 250 kms away, until the workers were massacred. There is a good chance for WW3 to kick off anytime now as the usual place for WWs to start, Serbia, is once again boiling with the indignities of the Kosovo R2P. Japan's devastating attack on Pearl Harbour in WW2 was the first Asian counter attack on Western R2P.

Limits to R2P adventures

Apparently the IC for good reason will not climb steeples in India, China, Pakistan, Burma, Sudan, Israel, Korea and Cuba to P, R2 or otherwise. If they do, they know they may have to choose amongst others being hung by tricky Indian rope or being devoured by Chinese dragons. Of course the IC did invade North Korea briefly in 1949/50 until the Chinese decided to open up their 'teaching lessons' academy across the Yalu river. The IC was very much alive during the inhuman apartheid regime of Boer controlled South Africa but did not P because the Boers were white and Simonstown was a naval base for US nuclear ships. The IC remained zipped up. When India took over Goa, Daman, and Diu from the Portuguese more with the liberal use of the bayonet than the bullet in the 1960s, the IC did not make any move. It dare not do so in Kashmir either. Neither did it dare when China which sporadically decides to 'teach' neighbouring countries lessons, in1962 decided after training their troops in mountain warfare for a year in Tibet, that India had a thing or two (TO2) to learn about the McMahon line in the Aksai Chin mountains. When the IPKF invaded SL in 1987, the IC predictably remained on silent mode as it had in exactly the same circumstances when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Neither did the IC act while Pol Pot crushed 2 million skulls in Cambodia. It preferred the genocide of the Cambodians to continue instead of 'Communist' Vietnam helped by Russia over running the 'Killing Fields'.

'Asian 3rd world hits back

All the above East Asian countries were being condescendingly sniffed at as being 3rd world but continued to be ruthlessly exploited by the IC and its economic hit agents like the IMF and the WB. The position is now not the same. The racial ghettoes in the west of blacks and browns which had been swelling exponentially had by the turn of the 20th century either become formidable no go areas for the IC states or provided funds and block votes for their no less than ours diabolical politicians. South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia with Vietnam following, broke the chains that had tied them down economically. China will be a super power in about 5- 10 years and India will follow while Japan could also do so whenever it likes. The new Asian giants will hopefully soon begin to resurrect what used to be called the Great East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere which Japan started and managed with remorseless energy if not utmost severity from 1940 to 1945. Australia's wide open uninhabited spaces now beckon the spiraling populations of the East especially the Chinese with the Indonesians not exactly looking on. So the IC needs to activate R2P to retain vital ground. A global economic crisis meanwhile also threatens the IC. Nuclear bombs are no longer the preserve of the West. Burgeoning populations are of the East

IC shamed and damned

The IC, self declared keepers of the world's moral high ground, buttoned up and disdained to P as genocide engulfed black Rwanda and later Muslim Bosnia and now Darfur. In Rwanda the IC were more agitated by the killing of 12 Belgian UN troops than by the mounting deaths of Rwandans in their tens of thousands. (Belgium was the hated ex colonial power which had caused the divisions in the country and having raped its vast natural wealth left its African colonies, including Zaire, with just a couple of hospitals and schools and in total shambles after ruling them for hundreds of years). Shamed for eternity, the brotherhood of the IC now want to show the world that they can at least, like all bullies, threaten some countries with the power if not the stink of their R2P. Iraq and Afghanistan, one time receivers of their gratuitous largesse will very soon teach them a lesson they will not forget even as the IC begins to disintegrate.

R2P in South Asia - Incoming

R2P began in South Asia in 1847 when the British East India Company used it in India and called it a mutiny to cover up unspeakable savagery and atrocities. The Indians called it the beginning of their freedom struggle. The British sacked the most beautiful city of that age, Delhi and killed almost all its citizens. The IC ruthlessly, and in the case of the Dutch shamelessly and without any of the saving graces of other colonial rulers exploited South Asia for nearly 450 years. Holland had sufficient Dutch courage (a name their merchantmen earned during the great plague of London) to call Indonesia the Dutch East Indies. Then came the day of the Japanese in WW2 who returned with interest the humiliation the South Asians had long suffered at the hands of the Europeans by booting the latter out of almost all their possessions in the East less India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Japan had been deprived of her place as a great military power after being on the winning side in WW1, being restricted to a naval fleet in the Pacific of three fifths of the great white fathers (USA &UK). By 1945 it had ruled the South Asian waves for 5 years when it had its cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuked killing about 300,000 people in 2 days. It had earlier thrashed the daylights out of the Westerners with its incredible samurai and kamikaze courage, discipline, tenacity and unmitigated ferocity.

R2P -Second innings after WW2

However the IC reps (absentee land lords) were given back their former colonies after WW2 as a gift by the USA as war booty together with its millions of people as though it was their private property. France went back to 'Indo China' (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) and met a small made fellow called Vo Nguyen Giap who was sent by Ho Chi Minh to Dien Bien Phu to teach French lessons to the Foreign Legion which didn't use the cry of bulk of the French army in WW2 when fighting the Germans - 'Sauvé qui peu't - (run for your lives) but fought to the end. The sun thereafter set fast on western imperialism. The Americans, possessing a draft copy of the R2P document, considered "nuking" the Vietnamese with a nominal Atom bomb (20,000 tons of TNT equivalents) to save the French but relented. (They considered the use of tactical nuclear bombs (1000 tons plus of TNT equivalent in Iraq and will not hesitate to use it whenever it is necessary-let all good people know and anyone deny). Replacing the French in Vietnam, the USA learned the 12th principle of war for Westerners- Do not wage land war in Asia- and in Vietnam in 1973 was forced to bug out in its most humiliating military reverse to date in history. Once again it was that man Giap who made it at 'high noon' to the gates of the US Embassy in Saigon. Now the IC, post Kosovo, wants to fight that principle. (The 11th principle is "do not march on Moscow"- something that the IC/NATO will be very wise to remember when they bait Russia). The British left India after engineering the biggest mass migration in history accompanied by near mutual genocide in the Punjab. Fortunately for the South Asians, the Chinese and the Russians are natural enemies of the now morally converted plunderers of the East while Japan which is reluctant to show its actual strength has a historical mistrust of them too. Will the IC gamble?

IC spends winters in SL

The IC has started to send delegation after delegation of steeple climbers to inspect SL as though it was experiencing the plague. They have still to understand that SL is in throes of a raging counter terrorist war during which the applicable law is International Humanitarian and not Human Rights. IC delegates nevertheless contest tourists and time their arrival to enjoy all expenses paid 5 star holidays in winter. Acting like reborn conquistadors now, especially after their recent show of bravado in Kosovo, their billion dollar beneficiary agents here made them believe that the SL government would crack if not bend in two (BI2) in fear to accommodate their impertinent demands. This included one to proceed to the Wanni to meet and greet the terrorists of the bestial LTTE. Have the IC, EU or NATO allowed Iranian or Syrian officials to swan around Helmand and Baghdad or even Guantanamo and Abu Graib? The IC were shown in a firm but not too unfriendly way that the 1996 World Cup winners were still experts at belting 'sixes' off any bowling however threatening it was. By some coincidence the Entente Cordiale of Mr. Chilcot and Monsignor Cot re-enacted Dunkirk / Dien Bien Phu when they found that Sri Lankans, except for the handful of bowing, bending, scraping and genuflecting professional pseudo elite conmen to whose company they confined themselves, did not worship colonial deities.

Mercenary collaborators

The IC R2P corps operates everywhere through a well paid 5th column of local NGOs who get their lucrative contracts confirmed /extended and all expenses paid trips abroad to seductive cities if they are able to regularly produce 'breaking news'. One Sri Lankan R2P fortune hunter who attended a lecture on SL at the George Washington University USA on 27 Mar 08 had said the SL government was killing hundreds (100s) of Tamils daily on the 'beaches'. He was the man who provided the 2 Cots (P2C) and the foreign media with the cheapest of thrills. He had earlier made it known very coyly that his ilk is considered 'anti national'. He cleverly dodged their true name - traitors. Such men, unemployable otherwise in SL, have never had it so good. They now, like their all white masters, drive around in SUVs, work and live in luxury offices and apartments, wine and dine in 5 star hotels, attend seminars abroad and produce a report a minute to make sure they qualify for the betrayers' shekels. However those who hire turncoats, even the IC, mistrust and will in time misuse them if they cannot 'terminate' them. These locals out do the old WOGs (western oriented gentlemen - dusky colonial people who play the white man only in public). They ply their trade which is probably older than the oldest in the world. They look forward without any compunction to the day they could cohabit or worse with the LTTE- killers and rapists of innocents and abductors, molesters of Tamil children, destroyers of SL Tamils and 40,000 Sri Lankans of all races.

The day of the under dog

Has the IC once again let loose the dogs of war -R2P? Should we therefore plan to retreat? Hell, we only got here after 450 long years of their exploitation. We have also had 77 years of adult universal franchise, only 5 years less than Britain. So let's give the IC a thing or two (TO2) to think about. Let R2P cascade from the steeples. The IC will soon have to face the truth of the coming Armageddon - Osama's and the Taliban's vengeance - a neat surgical strike or will it be a nuke, followed by WW3. When will Obama whose ancestors were boiled as a punishment by the slave owners say "let my people go" and make history? South Asia should climb those steeples fast not to invoke R2P but to have a go at RSVP with a vengeance.

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