Defence Secretary's Warning Was Long Overdue Albeit Well Addressed To Those Concerned!

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

Jan.31st 2009
When Sri Lanka's Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday warned certain ambassadors, news agencies and INGOs acting irresponsibly that if they do not get their act together they will have to face the consequences which sounded ominous, he was not articulating his sentiments over nothing.

They were specifically directed at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC ) certain Foreign Consulates and Non Government Organizations who seemed to have established a foothold in Sri Lanka and have stepped out of line through breaches of protocol and high handed statements which pointed towards interference in Sri Lanka's internal affairs and the ongoing military campaign to eliminate the terrorist menace of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

It was a justifiably evocative and outspoken Defence Secretary who warned that "if these sources attempt to give the LTTE terrorists a second breath of life or give them a second wind to regroup at a time when the Security Forces, at a heavy cost, are dealing them the final death blow,They will be given their marching orders if they half as much as try" he emphasized in no uncertain terms and on behalf of the Sovereign Integrity of Sri Lanka and in defence of her territorial integrity which was being threatened by terrorists.

Defence Secretary Rajapaksa did not mince his words when he said that "some ambassadors, specially the German and Swiss ambassadors, and some news agencies were behaving irresponsibly based upon very credible intelligence information towards details and the blatantly visible on air as well as newspaper publicity bulletins with no mandate nor carte blance towards these where lately much misinformation intended to mislead as well as create mayhem in favour of the terrorists on the instigation of their supportives and diaspora was circulating around the globe whose sob stories and concocted innuendo seem to have been fed to gullible audiences in the Global Community purely to criminalize the perfectly legitimate establishment of the Nation of Sri Lanka!

When he named,the CNN, Al-Jazeera and especially the BBC of trying to sensationalize civilian hardships by telecasting video clips from LTTE websites he was quite assertive towards accuracy in saying that the video clips under reference did not indicate bombings or explosions that were directed at civilians or for that matter resulted in any civilian casualties as exaggerated by their presenters although there is always that indelible element of casualties often caught in a crossfire but in the case of Sri lanka very marginal and every attempt made to protect them.

He pointed out that the terrorists were using innocent civilians as human shields and holding them to ransom and at best the international community including UN agencies and the ICRC should align themselves with the reality rather than make folk heroes of the terrorists while being swayed by LTTE propaganda and support the Government's cause towards eliminating them as the proper choice of alternative.

He also suggested that, to maximize pressure on the Tigers and make them release civilians trapped in the war zone being used as human shields is also their bounden responsibility where if they cannot fulfill the obligation then need to stay out of Sri Lanka's Internal affairs as it was becoming a consternation and more!

To put the Defence Minister's rationale into perspective the following opinion is comprehensive and with adequate foundation imperative towards the realities of the anti terrorist campaign by Sri Lanka's Armed Forces."This is the last chance the LTTE have of sincerely minimizing civilian casualties by giving them safe passage out of the conflict zone. It was irresponsible not to talk about civilians held in the war zone by the LTTE while making comments that only helped the Tigers. I also point to BBC Anchor Chris Morris as being known for partisan support to the LTTE terrorists from the 1990s.If he does not act responsibly and attempts to create panic, I will have to request him to leave the country." It was well addressed albeit long overdue in the opinion of many analysts who were in accordance that this kind of action should have been taken much earlier where there were other sources of news reporting that should also have been given similar notice but in having failed to do so when it was most needed probably provided a false sense of security both to the terrorists and their supportives who in turn propagated their sympathy cards around the world.

The Sri Lankan Defence Secretary is well within his right to take this stand against the parties concerned as their words and actions have in no way contributed towards the posterity of Sri Lanka and to the contrary have attempted to recussitate an enemy of the State whose elimination appears to be imperative towards the future of Sri Lanka.

All kudos to him!

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