How the 2002 CFA ‘Helped’ Present Military Victories

Dilrook Kannangara

The old comedian who has been in the trade for too long is not very funny now. He cannot use his same old tricks to tickle the audience. This is what has happened to Ranil, Sri Lanka’s longest standing Opposition Leader. He claims that his 2002 CFA (Cease Fire Agreement) helped present day military victories. Obviously he has no shame left having lost the most number of elections and having languished in the Opposition for too long. Once a Sri Lankan expatriate commented on Ranil, “he was the Prime Minister when I was schooling, now my child is schooling and Ranil is the Opposition Leader”!

The 2002 CFA was a de facto surrender. It made Sri Lanka surrender to the LTTE and to Scandinavian mediators who were performing judicial functions. Firstly there is confusion about the CFA itself. If it was an agreement about ceasefire (stoppage of fighting) the abbreviation should have been CA (Ceasefire Agreement). Ceylon Transport Board is not abbreviated to CTPB; it is CTB. In other words, true to what happened, the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) had nothing to do with a ceasefire! True to the meaning of the cease and fire agreement, Tigers were gunning down scores of army intelligence operatives as never before. The success of the present military campaign squarely hinges on the strength of intelligence received by the top brass. Thanks to the CFA, LTTE managed to completely cripple intel operations. Sunil Thabru was killed right inside a police station while Colonel Muthalif was killed on his way to work. Ranil’s clan of traitors topped it all with the Great Millinium City Treacherous act in 2002. These are the jokers now trying to take credit for their blunders.

CFA allowed Tamil Tigers to bring in shiploads of weapons unhindered. At least 12 shipments of heavy weapons were brought into the country during the early years of the CFA. Two shipments were averted by the Sri Lanka Air Force and Sri Lanka Navy. Tigers started building camps in government controlled areas (e.g. Manirasakulam) while the then Defence Minister was sleeping with the enemy. With a fat defence budget of over 60 billion rupees a year, he was unable to do anything. By the way what happened to those 60 billion rupees for four years from 2002 to 2005? How many tigers were killed with that 250 billion rupees? A scant little, if at all.

Ranil’s CFA gave birth to the Tiger Air Force. With the technology, planes, training and practice acquired during the CFA, LTTE launched their first air attack on the night of Ranil’s birthday in March 2007.

Thanks to the CFA, checkpoints were relocated, reduced and removed in government controlled areas. However, Tigers tightened their checkpoints. As a result thousands of ‘sleepers’ crept into Colombo and other areas in the ‘south’. It required unprecedented effort and sacrifices to clear this mess and people still live amidst danger of CFA bombers. Police functions of the Sri Lanka police was surrendered to the LTTE and Scandinavian monitors. Police stations were told not to take down complaints alleging LTTE operatives. These were supposed to be recorded by the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), an arbitrary group of foreign busybodies. SLMM refused to record these complaints alleging that it would antagonise the LTTE! This led to relatives of victims of Tiger terror to carry coffins into SLMM offices and keep it there until the murder was recorded. This was what Ranil called ‘peace’.

Amidst all this Sri Lanka lost her dignity. Visiting foreign delegates would visit Tamil Tigers, sometimes before meeting Lankan leaders! Security forces were humbled and humiliated by the then administration by LTTE demands. From free travel on board Sri Lanka Air Force helicopters. Sri Lankan taxpayers’ money was wasted in hotels, brothels, karaoke bars and even weapons factories in Rene, Norway to entertain LTTE terrorists. Our Opposition Leader has to be exceptionally shameless to praise these self-degrading acts.

CFA also surrendered Sri Lanka’s foreign aid entitlement. A delegation of LTTE terrorists also participated in the 2003 Tokyo Donor Conference to discuss foreign aid to Sri Lanka and to the LTTE of course! Again in 2005 the ill-fated PTOMS scheme tried to share tsunami reconstruction aid with the LTTE. All this in the guise of a sham ceasefire that didn’t exist.

However, CFA marks another pathetic fact about law and order in this country. Although CFA violated many provisions of the Constitution, nothing happened. Two cases against the CFA were pending at the Court of Appeal for years. These were unnecessarily delayed and were not adjudicated even after the CFA was shattered! Total indifference to crimes against the supreme law of the nation, the Constitution, by the courts system produced jokers like Ranil who has the grit to stand up unashamedly and claim that the CFA helped establish law and order.

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