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Remarks on Designation of Terrorist Organizations

Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka

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    Terrorist Attacks on Sri Lankan Cities - Photographs


    Rajiv Gandhi -victim of a diabolical plot masterminded by LTTE: Judge

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    Graphics by Srian Bulathsinghala

    Recent LTTE bomb was ``built with TNT which was financed over a German account.''(The Daily News)
    British Tamils fund war in Sri Lanka(The Times - UK)

    LTTE's Indian Links and Rajiv Gandhi Assassination 

    Rajiv Gandhi Assassination(India Today)
    The mother of all apologies
    "The biggest international misadventure in Asia since the end of the war the IPKF military putsch into Sri Lanka. Diametrically opposed to every tenet of Indian foreign policy till then, this move by Rajiv Gandhi was not merely a blunder; it was a sin because the Prime Minister chose to be double-faced about it."Manmohan Singh
    Facts since revealed, in particular by the Jain Commission's halfway-house report, have shown that the same Prime Minister who despatched India's brave soldiers to fight in the jungles of Jaffna was simultaneously maintaining intelligence-level contacts with the LTTE. This led to giving an advantage to the LTTE while keeping our own soldiers on a tight leash an extraordinarily treacherous line for a country's prime minister to adopt against his own military men.
    (The Indian Express-21/01/98)

    LTTE's India links were far more dubious than are made out to be(The Indian Express)
    Merchandising a murder(The Indian Express)
    The Amnesty report - The critics must come with clean hands(Sri Lanka News-01/12/97)
    50 or 60 LTTE boys got training in the first batch at Dehra Dun, India.(The Indian Express -12/12/97)
    "Rajiv said he would secure Eelam for Prabhakaran"(The Indian Express-13/12/97)
    Skeleton's in the Delhi cupboard(The Island -13/12/97)
    Jain Commission Report(The India-today -15/12/97)
    Jain writes: "Training (for LTTE in India) was for self defence" (The Indian Express-14/12/97)
    Tamil Tiger deal cost Gandhi's life (The Sunday Times-UK-13/12/97)
    "We were helping the LTTE to the hilt but I did not open my mouth." V.P.Singh -Former Prime Minister of India (The Indian Express-22/12/97)
    Indians Planned for a Grenada-type intervention in Sri Lanka(The Indian Express-31/12/97)
    Doughnut Shooting-Police Silent on Gang link(Toronto Star-1/01/98)
    Student was innocent victim in Doughnut shop slaying(Toronto Star-1/01/98)
    'The Temple of the Tooth is a part of the world's heritage: it was not just Sri Lankan, nor just Buddhist; blasting that is: a brutal and malign act, says Prince Charles(The Island-07/02/98)
    The LTTE has failed miserably and shattered the dream of Valvatiturai democracy.(Sri Lanka News-07/02/98)
    European Union condemns Kandy bomb attack(Island-07/02/98)
    Traditional inventory of Tamil grievances(The Island-11/02/98)
    Who is a traitor?(The Island-11/02/98)
    Prof. C. Suriyakumaran and the national question(The Daily News-12/02/98)


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