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Sandun Uyana

Battle for Servival

President Kumaratunga UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinhe

PA-JVP Memorandum of Understanding-(The Lankaweb- 07/09/01)
JVP thanks President and PA for defeating conspiracy
(The Daily News-05/08/01)
Sri Lanka Marxists to prop up government in return for reforms
(123India -04/08/01)
Chandrika calls off referendum
(The times of India -04/08/01).
Analysis: Sworn enemy turned ally -(BBC -04/08/01)
Sri Lanka heads for early elections as crisis talks fail
Unity talks fail in Sri Lanka
Chandrika offers deal in coalition talks
(The Times of India -28/08/01)

Prospect of early election in Sri Lanka- (The Hindu- 27/08/01).
After Referendum...
(Daily News - 23/07/01)
"We used live bullets. They were asked not to come and they did not listen so we had no choice," -Sri Lankan Police
(Yahoo - 20/07/01).
Sri Lanka ouster bid ends in blood and teargas-(123India - 20/07/01).
Sri Lankan Protester Dead, 27 Hurt In Army Clash
Sri Lanka opposition to defy ban-(BBC-19/07/01).

Sri Lanka bans opposition rallies as 'bloodbath' scare raised-(123India-19/07/01)
Sri Lanka Police Bar Capital Protest-(Las Vegas Sun-19/07/01). .
Sri Lankan Opposition Moves to Impeach President
(The People's Daily- 17/07/01).
Sri Lanka opposition storms Parliament to protest prorogation -(Kyodo- 17/07/01).
Speaker stands by presidential sister in Sri Lanka political crisis-(123India- 16/07/01).
Sri Lanka opposition vows civil disobedience against president
(123India- 15/07/01).
JVP seem to be misinformed about the International Courts.
(Lankaweb - 15/07/01)
Sri Lanka opposition seeks foreign intervention to end crisis-(Yahoo - 14/07/01)
JVP wants to take PM to international court-(123India- 13/07/01).
Rightful Steps-(Lankaweb - 15/07/01).
JVP seem to be misinformed about the International Courts. -(Lankaweb - 15/07/01)
Court challenge to referendum called by Sri Lanka's president -(123India - 14/07/01).

Lankan Oppn wants parliament reopened
(Times of India - 14/07/01)
JVP wants to take PM to international court
(123India- 13/07/01)
Sri Lanka opposition seeks foreign intervention to end crisis
(Yahoo - 14/07/01)
Sri Lanka ruling party wants to oust Muslim defectors from parliament(123India- 12/07/01).
Government to consult people on Constitutional changes : Referendum on August 21-(The Daily News-11/07/01).
Sri Lanka parliament suspension deepens political crisis-(123Indias-11/07/01).
Lanka Oppn to press for no-trust vote
(The Times of India-09/07/01).
PA gets another 10-day reprieve- (The Daily Star-08/07/01)
Publicise the Secret Pact.
(The Lankaweb- 30/06/01)
Sri Lanka: a question of confidence
(atimes- 26/06/01).
Oppositon May Topple Sri Lanka's Ruling Party -(VOA- 25/06/01)
Marxists call the shots as Sri Lanka coalition battles for survival -(yahoo- 25/06/01).
Maoist JVP may be Lankan kingmaker-(The Hindustan Times- 22/06/01)
Chandrika confident of government's stability-(The Hindustan Times-24/06/01)
None can topple PA Govt.: Kumaratunga.-(The Hindu- 24/06/01)
Surely These Are Not Patriotic Sons of Lanka But Betrayers of Democracy-(The Lankaweb- 23/06/01).
Bold but very much belated step-(The Lankaweb- 22/06/01).
A Display of Political Immaturity by First time Politicians or a Total Lack of Responsibility-(By Nandimithra for LankaWeb - 21/06/01).
SLMC 's high rhetoric by Rauf Hakeem backed by the UNP in bad taste!
(The Lankaweb- 18/06/01).
"I am with the Government" Ferial Ashraff:-(The Daily News- 21/06/01).

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