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Withdrawal of Ceasefire Agreement amounts to Declaration of Hostilities -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 12/01/04)

Chandrika unlikely to listen to a 'partisan' US -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 05/01/04)

Oh Lord Ranil...! How can I forget Lord Prabah...?-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 02/01/04)

Sri Lanka rebels give New Year gift of tax cuts. -Full Story- (Khaleej Times - 31/12/03)

Bala reveals Rajiv - Prabha secret accord -Full Story- (The Sunday Leader - 23/12/03)

Parallel and similarities between: Saddam Hussein, Rohana Wijeweera, Abimael Guzman and Prabakaran-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 16/12/03)

Norway Caught Off-guard: Interference in Sri Lankan Affairs confirmed.At last the cat is out of the bag.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 14/12/03)

Inquiry nails Lankan PM for busting of secret army hideout -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 13/12/03)

Chandrika rules out sharing defence ministry with PM in Lanka -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 10/12/03)

Monitoring Process Against LTTE Intensified: Net Cast around a Prize Catch-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 08/12/03)

Call America to Ascertain LTTE’s Claim -FullStory- (The Asian Tribune - 06/12/03)

Open Letter to R. Sampanthan
The horrendous Trail of Blood .
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 05/12/03)

PRESIDENT, PREMIER, PRABHAKRAN AND THE PEOPLEBy H.L.D.Mahindapala -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 04/12/03)

Snag in Lankan Prez-PM talks raises questions -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 02/12/03)

Sri Lanka Talks dead-ended: Dissolution of Parliament becomes inevitable
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 02/12/03)

Chandrika may publicise damning report to defend take over of defence-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 02/12/03)

Evolving bipartisan approach -Full Story- (The Hindu-Editorial - 02/12/03)

"Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi -A powerful Western country may have been at the back of it."-Wimal Weerawansa,-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 26/11/03)

Legitimizing LTTE's Self Rule -Full Story- (Outlook India - 27/11/03)

EU asks Tigers to renounce violence -Full Story- (Outlook India - 27/11/03)

Not So Black And White -Full Story- (Outlook India - 27/11/03)
Chris Patten Talked with Prabakaran - Outcome Questionable?
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 27/11/03)

Stanislaus (Anton) Balasingham = Sudar Oli + Solheim – reading between the lines.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 25/11/03)

Prabakaran and bin Laden: What’s the difference, Mr. Patten?-Full Story- (The Island -Editorial - 25/11/03)

Patten visit: A slap in our faces!-Full Story- (The Island - 25/11/03)

Chris Patten to meet Prabakaran for a piece of cake, vadai and banana. -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 24/11/03)

Chandrika sets Dec 15 deadline for talks-Full Story- (The Times of India - 22/11/03)

Childish behaviour of Norway-Full Story- (The Island - 19/11/03)

Enter India?-Full Story- (The Island -Editorial - 19/11/03)

Sri Lanka a test of Delhi's resolve-Full Story- (The Asian Times - 18/11/03)

Norway helped LTTE plagiarize Sudan Interim Peace Agreement – Intelligence Report-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 14/11/03)

Peace Agreements Digital Collection: Sudan-Full Story- (United State Institute of Peace - 14/11/03)
Peace Agreements Digital Collection: Sudan Machakos Protocol Table of Contents

-Full Story- (United State Institute of Peace - 14/11/03)

Western Media speculations seem to extend beyond the reality of the present situation!-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/11/03)

H. L. D. Mahindapala(Mahindapala is a former Editor in Chief of Colombo’s Sunday Observer and a senior journalist of the country who was very close to the former UNP leaders the late Dudley Senanayaka and the late R.Premadasa)
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 12/11/03)

Teetering peace talks-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times -Editorial - 12/11/03)

Sri Lankan leaders are parting ways on a contentious issue
Kuldip NayarThe writer, a former Indian High Commissioner to the UK and a former Rajya Sabha MP. -Full Story- (The Gulf News - 09/11/03)

Sri Lankan developments pose dilemma for India JN Dixit New Delhi, -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 08/11/03)

SRI LANKA IN CRISIS AGAIN -Full Story- (The Hindu - 07/11/03

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Reproduction In Whole Or In Part Without Express Permission is Prohibited.