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The Real Emancipation Of The Sri Lankan Tamils Lies Within The Capacity Of The Administration, The Armed Forces And Karuna!

February 1st 2007

The skeptics within Sri Lanka as well as the international community are finally beginning to accept the reality that the LTTE are a spent force and on their last legs.

This does not mean that the relentless pressure exerted on them should be in anyway relaxed despite the rhetoric of pro LTTE foreign influences, NGOs, certain Aid Donors and sad to say even the latest homily of the US Ambassador which seems to point in this direction who continues to envision the LTTE as a legitimate force as opposed to the Freedom Loving Tamils of Sri Lanka under any rational leadership far removed from the LTTE.

It is also an irony that his great and powerful nation the US of A continues an unconditional onslaught on global terror and somewhat disconcerting this emissary of American Goodwill to Sri Lanka fails to distinguish between the LTTE and freedom loving ordinaryTamils, as his latest dialogue seems to attest to this confusion and has urged the Government to continue to negotiate with the LTTE whereas the imperative need to run to ground the terrorists while liberating the Tamils from their selfishly motivated cruelties seems to be the issue needing prioritisation!

While the Security Forces are routing the ignominious Velupillai Prabakaran on many fronts the courageous political leadership of the Sri Lanka.

President Mahinda Rajapaksha as Commander in Chief of National Defence has provided all the requisites for the military leadership of Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka towards restoring normalcy within Sri Lanka and has also benefited from the dedications of the Karuna factor as it is popularly known.

Although the private anti LTTE war of an internecine nature of great value to the Nation under the leadership provided by Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias Colonel Karuna is not publicised or accolladed officially it is a factor to be reckoned with from an LTTE standpoint as the inroads made thus far by the Karuna fighters have left the LTTE decimated both physically and psychologically. He has added to their confusion which should eventually see their demise as a worthless entity of no value towards any well being of anyone within the infrastructure of Sovereign Sri Lanka and the posterity of her inhabitants.

It now seems a great priority for the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and all its supportives, having effectively liberated the East to continue applying the pressures through a sustained military campaign towards liberating the oppressed inhabitants of the North in a collective effort towards eliminating completely the viles of Velupillai Prabakaran and his fascist regime.

As this would realistically constitute closure of the LTTE terrorist issue where a sharing of administrative power could then be envisioned with The Tamil People under a sane and non rabid leadership and a semblance of normalcy returned to decades of disrupted existences of innocent people within Sri Lanka both in the East and the North.

In the process of doing so the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka have a primary duty to convince the oppressed people of these regions that this will be an effort which will not be undermined by the LTTE on their way out where the only means to accomplish this is to wipe them off the map completely with no means to ever regroup.

This is a time for the powers that be to capitalise on the disillusionments of the oppressed Tamil people of Sri Lanka oppressed under the megalomaniacal psychopath Prabhakaran, who have now realised beyond much doubt the futilities of an existence under the terrorist dictates of the LTTE.

Where they have truly suffered from the inception of the armed insurrection of the LTTE in 1975 and continuing without respite until the Liberation Forces of the Sri Lankan defence mechanism have taken the decision to forge ahead and dismantle the illegitimate terrorist organization the LTTE and put an end to a long span of 32 painfully torturous years within Sovereign Sri Lanka.

Needless to say the Tamil people who may have been disillussioned into thinking through various means of false propaganda that Velupillai Prabhakaran was a hero, have realised fast enough that this was the furthest from the truth and it has been the resillience of the Tamil People aligned with this concept both within Sri Lanka and around the world (Tamil Nadu being an exception!).that Sri Lanka cannot be overrun by terrorists and their terrorist means.

It seems a bitter pill which the LTTE now have to swallow that many Tamils in support of the rest of Sri Lanka have all but put an end to the designs of the LTTE and their protracted Eelam where economic as well as political conditions within Sri Lanka have changed dramatically and the LTTE all but strangled out of their existences and the only means left to them is to wreak further sporadic havoc within a Nation which is fast falling out of their pipe deam of controlability.

This is where the vigilance of the Nation's Armed Forces as well as civil defence organizations will bring to bear the disruption of any continued LTTE attrocities and their very presence snuffed out in every appreciable part of human habitation within Sri Lanka through every available means as one would a contagious disease!!

Almost as a path to their destinies the Tamil people of Sri Lanka have begun to realize now that it was the evil of Velupillai Prabakaran and his LTTE which was solely responsible for their immeasurable suffering and the losses and griefs experienced continuously by them for decades.

A visionary Tamil leader may be aptly quoted towards this that"The Tamils in the North, especially in the Jaffna peninsula, are already aware that LTTE’s cadres were responsible for all the killings and their sufferings.

Tamils have begun to realize that LTTE’s motto of “Kill or get killed” is the cause for all their sufferings" end quote and that the only means towards their emancipation now rests on their efforts to recognize the benevolence of their real liberators the Administration and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka with an honorable mention to Col. Karuna!



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