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    This nation was built over the toil blood and tears of the indigenous people over 2500 years. The imperialist agents should be defeated so, that the future generations could once again become the inheritors of the proud legacy of their ancestors. Pointing out that while neighboring India was entering the space age defiantly the Venerable Thero said Sri Lanka was being made subject to a re-colonization plans of the imperialistic West . Ven. ELLE GUNAWANSA
  • 21 Questions & Answers concerning the decision of Buddhist Monks to contest Parliamentary Elections -Full Story- (Jathika Hela Urumaya - 21/03/04)

    Sinhalayo and JHUShelton Chandrasiri" -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/03/04)

    Let's put an end to the time of forgeryJVPReverend Theros, Reverend priests Dear mothers, fathers, brothers and sister-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/03/04)

    Refuting misinfomationGamage Palihapitiya-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    A critical analysis of UNP's 2001 promises
    A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    Somawansa “Brutal politico” should brought to justice – Lands minister Rajitha -Why only Somawansa what about Ranil & Co?
    Nagananda Kodituwakku from London -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    A Humble request from a Srilankan Citizen living in overseasW.Wicks-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    A Reply to Milinda MoragodaNimal Liyanage -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    Eric Fernando, Kandy-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/03/04)

    TNA Manifesto demands Sinhala nation to accept Eelam in toto. A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    Best thing that can ever happen to Sri Lanka
    Kalum Balasuriya-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    Dear Mislead Sinhala Buddhist Patriotic Sons & Daughters: Upul Arunajith Canada -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    QUESTIONS FOR REVD. UDUWE DHAMMALOKA Shyamon Jayasinghe,Melbourne-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    FACTS AND FIGURES By: Eric Fernando A.C.M.A. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    Key Hela Urumaya and UNP leaders in Britain pledge support to the UFPA JVP UK committee -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    Parajika Bhikkus can lead Sri Lanka into path of Destruction Dharmasiri Weerasingh London -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 15/03/04)

    Dire Consequences When monastics go politics Mahinda Attanayake-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 15/03/04)

    There is no place for “Buddhist Fundamentalism” Somaweera Sirisinghe writing from New Zealand -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 16/03/04)

    Refuting misinformation Gamage Palihapitiya -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 15/03/04)

    UNP grieves for Prabhakaran - their partner in Betrayal Sri Lanka programme A.A.M.NIZAM, MATARA.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 14/03/04)

    Don't Waste Your Vote!A Reply to Sarath Bulathsinhala's plea to vote massively for JHU
    Somaweera Sirisinghe writing from New Zealand.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 13/03/04)

    Tamil People seem to evade from tiger dominance- JVP Press ReleaseSomawansha Amarasinghe The Leader of the People's Liberation Front-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/03/04)

    JHU takes on alleged violation of monks VinayaGamage Palihapitiya -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 10/03/04)

    Will the civilisation return to the North and East following the split in the LTTE?Ramabalan, Jaffna.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 10/03/04)

    Temples and Politics in Sri LankaThusita Weerakoon London -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 10/03/04)

    End Game
    Kalum Balasuriya-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 10/03/04)

    When monastics go politicsThe Dhamma Times, 5 March 2004 -Full Story- (The Dhamma Times - 10/03/04)

    Bhikkus in Politics, Have they become Parajika (no longer in communion)?Written and compiled by Dharmasiri Weerasinghe, London, UK -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 08/03/04)

    KINIHIRAYA Interview and What the Buddha never taught
    P.G.G.Palihapitiya-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 08/03/04)

    SU and HUDouglas Wickramaratne President Sinhala Association of Sri Lankans in the U.K. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/03/04)

    Shyamon Jayasinghe Melbourne -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/03/04)

    Big rift in LTTE -- is it real???Gamini from Colombo -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/03/04)

    MAXIMISING ELECTORAL POWER Marlin Abeyatunge President Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights (SPUR), Victoria, Australia-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/03/04)

    Matale Monk pulls out-Full Story- (The Daily Mirror - 06/03/04)

    LOOK my guess was correct !
    Hema. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 05/03/04)

    ELECTION OF HOPE - THE FINAL ATTEMPT IN RESTORING SENSE Tissa Sinhala Association, Australia -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 05/03/04)

    U.S. Condemns Killing of Candidate in Sri Lankan Elections State's Boucher appeals to Sri Lankan rebels to act responsibly-Full Story- (US Gov - 02/03/04)

    Originating election violence-M.Tilvin Silva (General Secretary) People’s Liberation Front (JVP)-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 02/03/04)

    2004 Parliamentary elections – considerable political killings in the offing-Nagananda Kodituwakku -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 02/03/04)

    Clergy Organisation opposes Bhikkhus' decision to contest polls by Uditha Kumarasinghe, Lanka Daily News, -Full Story- (Buddhist News - 02/03/04)

    'Bhikkus misled by corrupt persons'
    by Cyril Wimalasurendre Kandy-Full Story- (The Island - 01/03/04)

    Ref. to Dr. Peter Gunasekara of National University of Singapore,Mahinda Karunaratne-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/02/04)

    This is in response to the article of Mr. Lalendra published on 26th Feb. 2004 Maha Sanga and Elections, By Lalendra
    By Mahinda Karunaratne,-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/02/04)

    Shed petty diferences and rally against the UNP-LTTE-NGO CoalitionA.A.M.NIZAM MATARA. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/02/04)

    Nagananda Kodituwakku Attorney at law & the former head of the Revenue fraud investigation unit [RTF] of the Customs Administration of Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/02/04)

    Undeterred government corruption & persecution of law enforcement officers -Sri Lanka -A Case History
    Nagananda Kodituwakku -Attorney at law and the former head of the Revenue Task Force [Customs]Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/01/04)

    Please Give Us Voting Rights!MAHINDA Karunaratne Sri Lankan in Overseas -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/02/04)

    On Mahinda Karunaratne 's articleJP-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/02/04)

    Ven. Sangha, are you taking us to the path of Peace or Pieces ?Mahinda Karunaratne Sri Lankan in overseas-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/02/04)

    Prof. Hudson McLean -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/02/04)

    Would we have to see Sangha fight Sangha?MAHINDA Karunaratne -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/02/04)

    BUDDHIST MONKS IN POLITICSDukhinda Jayawardena-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/02/04)

    Press Release Ref: A05F/UA/2004 dated February 11, 2004 issued by the Tamil Centre For Human Rights (TCHR) titled Hundreds of Christian Churches Vandalised in Sri LankaBy World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/02/04)

    -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 24/02/04)

    Say 'PLEASE, NO' to monks intending to contest in the 2004 General ElectionsSomapala Colombo-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 24/02/04)

    The Current Political Situation in SLVictor Gunasekara -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 23/02/04)

    Mahasangha in Political Game !Mahinda Karunaratne,-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 23/02/04)

    "Beginning of ruin of the Buddha Sasana" Mahanayakes reject Maha Sangha contesting elections -Full Story- (The Daily News - 23/02/04)

    SINHALA URUMAYA OR SINHALA KARUMAYA H. L. D. Mahindapala-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/02/04)

    Suicidal Attempt by Patriotic Section of the Sri Lankan Society-Candidacy at electionsBy Pandula Endagama and Prof. Malani Endagama. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/02/04)

    "Unity is the strength" - SU & the Alliance - SU's integrity MUST be maintained!Dr. G Edirisooriya -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/02/04)


    THE DASARÂJADHARMAProf. Oliver Abeynayake-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 22/02/04)


    Sri Lanka's poll rules may deter thousands of Tamil voters -Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 21/03/04)

    Impressive Freedom Alliance lead in independent opinion poll -Full story- (Daily News - 21/03/04)

    Campaign nears end but no decision yet on state media-Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 21/03/04)

    UPFA should have consensus in economic policies- World Bank -Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 21/03/04)

    Alliance likely to carry Southern Province-Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 21/03/04)

    Karuna faction hits out at CBK -Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 21/03/04)

    21 Questions & Answers concerning the decision of Buddhist Monks to contest Parliamentary Elections -Full Story- (Jathika Hela Urumaya - 21/03/04)

    Let's put an end to the time of forgery: JVP-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/03/04)

    Sri Lanka president pledges to resume peace talks -Full story- (Deepika - 19/03/04)

    Sri Lanka president calls Tiger split dangerous -Full story- (Reuters - 19/03/04)

    Japan to send monitors for Sri Lanka election-Full story- (Deepika - 19/03/04)

    Polls violence: Total 504.-Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 18/03/04)

    Artistes tell President both major parties have let them down-Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 18/03/04)

    Commission suspends IGP's order
     -Full story-
    (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 18/03/04)

    Politics will be kept out of sports and arts - President -Full story- (Daily News - 18/03/04)

    TNA Manifesto demands Sinhala nation to accept Eelam in to it.
    By A.A.M.NIZAM, MATARA.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/03/04)

    S.Lanka PM seeks mandate for Tamil peace efforts -Full story- (Deepika - 17/03/04)

    S.Lankan president blames gov't for ignoring problems in peace process Full story- (Xinhua - 17/03/04)

    President objects to celebrity envoy's campaign entry.-Full story- (Borneo Bulletin - 17/03/04)

    Give us those years: Premier -Full story- (Daily Mirror - 15/03/04)

    Tyronne denies Rosy involved in polls -Full story- (Daily Mirror - 15/03/04)

    ASP quizzed over complaint against subordinate-Full story- (Daily Mirror - 15/03/04)

    Colombo to allow more observers to monitor polls -Full story- (Daily Times - 15/03/04)

    Use mandate to get country out of mess  -Full story- (Daily News - 15/03/04)

    CBK attacks UNF, offers new peace process -Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 15/03/04)

    SB dares CBK to renounce immunity -Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 15/03/04)

    Kumaratunga apologises for calling snap poll -Full story- (Radio Australia - 15/03/04)

    Elections chief firm : No polls in uncleared areas -Full Story- (The Daily News - 13/03/04)

    Lankan president's party wants to scrap presidency -Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 13/03/04)

    President dissolved Parliament because govt. could not run the country - Mahinda  -Full story- (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror - 13/03/04)

    UNF seeks Alliance stand on present Eastern imbroglio -Full Story- (Daily Mirror - 11/03/04)

    UPFA peace plans tomorrow: CBK -Full Story- (Daily Mirror - 10/03/04)

    EU deploys election observers to Sri Lanka Full Story- (EUpolitix - 10/03/04)

    Polls Chief considers polling in no-man zones -Full Story- (Daily Mirror - 08/03/04)

    Civil organisations concerned over rising election violence Full Story- (Sunday Observer - 08/03/04)

    Tamil candidate shot dead in Sri Lanka -Full Story- (HiPakistan - 01/03/04)

    Tamil party lines up behind rebels in S.Lanka vote-Full Story- (Alert Net- 01/03/04)

    Sri Lanka rebels endorse minority party for polls . -Full Story- (Gulf News - 29/02/04)

    Sri Lanka to deploy troops as poll violence soars -Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 27/02/04)

    Early violence in Sri Lanka poll-Full Story- (BBC - 26/02/04)

    Buddhist monks under fire for entering Sri Lanka election -Full Story- (Japan Today- 26/02/04)

    Sri Lanka Prime Minister launches re-election bid banking on peace -Full Story- (Goasiapacific - 23/02/04)

    Monks, Marxists at centre of Sri Lanka election race -Full Story- (Reuters - 24/02/04)

    President wishes the de Mels good luck -Full Story- (The Daily News - 23/02/04)

    Four Lanka MPs join Chandrika’s coalition -Full Story- (The Peninsula - 22/02/04)

    Ratwatte dropped from nomination list -Full Story- (The Gulf News - 22/02/04)

    Surveys forecast victory for Freedom AllianceFull Story- (Daily News - 21/02/04)

    Monks take plunge into politics, hand over nominations -Full Story- (Daily Mirror - 21/02/04)

    Sri Lanka general election: Top monks to lead districts -Full Story- (The Buddhist News - 19/02/04)

    LTTE-backed Tamil alliance to field Muslim candidates -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 19/02/04)

    It's `elephant' versus `betel leaf' in Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The Hindu - 19/02/04)

    Polls: LTTE, religious parties playing active role -Full Story- (The Hindu - 19/02/04)

    LTTE indicates willingness to talk to SLFP-JVP govt if it is 'powerful' -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 12/02/04)

  • Sinhala Buddhist Vote – Road to Independence from Christian Domination Sarath Bulathsinghala"-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/02/04)

    CHAMPIKA RANAWAKA. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/02/04)

    Naming and Damning – How the Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalist became the Bogeyman of Presidents and Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka.R. Chandrasoma -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 18/02/04)

  • LTTE refuses to contest Sri Lanka elections-Full Story- (The News - 18/02/04)

    LTTE asks Tamils to vote only for TNA -Full Story- (Deepika Global - 18/02/04)

    Sampanthan likely to face charges of Contempt of Court.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 16/02/04)

    Oh God.. ! Save the Tamils from Joseph Pararajasingham and alike.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 16/02/04)

    Media Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar opens innings : 'If UNP wins very undesirable cohabitation situation will recur'-Full Story- (The Sunday Observer - 15/02/04)

    Lankan donors say aid will keep flowing -Full Story- (The Penninsula - 14/02/04)

    Chandrika denies scuttling Lankan peace bid -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 14/02/04)

    US asks Lankans to take responsibility for carrying peace process forward -Full Story- (The Hindustan Time - 14/02/04)

    LTTE indicates willingness to talk to SLFP-JVP govt if it is 'powerful' -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 12/02/04)

    Monitor lizards and quacks out: let the people take over this electionby Malinda Seneviratne-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/02/04)

    Freedom Alliance will solve farmers' problems, says Anura : Farmers end hunger strike-Full Story- (The Daily News - 10/02/04)

    LTTE indicates willingness to talk to SLFP-JVP govt if it is 'powerful'
    -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 12/02/04)

    Monitor lizards and quacks out: let the people take over this electionby Malinda Seneviratne-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/02/04)

    President appoints : Elite Council to combat crime -Full Story- (The Daily News - 11/02/04)

    Reluctant India drawn toward Sri Lanka-Full Story- (The Asian Times - 10/02/04)
    Polls, peace and broken promises -Full Story- (The Asian Times - 10/02/04)

    Norway - Stop entertaining two Independent political entities within Sri Lanka-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 10/02/04)

    For Chandrika, ordering snap polls was an agonising decision -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 10/02/04)

    Better later than never
    By: Eric Fernando,Weerakoon Gardens, Kandy -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 09/02/04)

    Parliament Dissolved-What Next?- A different point of viewSuranimala Yapa
    -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 09/02/04)

    Sri Lanka's ruling party says will win election-Full Story- (Reuters - 09/02/04)

    Sri Lanka's President Moves to End Political Dispute, Calls for Early Elections-VOA-Full Story- (VOA - 09/02/04)


    By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/02/04)

    Tissa,Australia -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/02/04)

    Why we must stand behind the bastion of Theravada Buddhism by Sonali Samarasinghe (Wellington, New Zealand), -Full Story- (Buddhist News - 07/02/04)

    Brutal LTTE murders in Kanakampuliadi
    30th January 2004. Blala reporting from Chavakachcheri.
    -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 04/02/04)

    Tigers crack Mike mystery after Safe House blunder By Iqbal Athas -Full Story- (The Sunday Times - 04/02/04)

    "Sri Lankan 'Peace Process'-What A Joke"Brian Banker-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 31/01/04)

    Covetous eyes on Sri Lanka's strategic jewel-Full Story- (The Asian Times - 01/02/04)

    Memorandum of Understanding between the SLFP and JVP -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 25/01/04)

    India, China could emerge rivals to US economy: WSJ -Full Story- (The Hindu - 31/01/04)
    Another Tamil Separatist group emerging from US
    Aiming at balkanisation of IndiaReaders will be shocked and horrified by the full extent of world Tamil militancy. The hatred here is so thick it can be cut with a chainsaw! Registered address of the website Dalitstan Organisation USA


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