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 Sri Lanka, Tuesday 22nd of June 2021
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උපුටා ගැනීම - දිවයින 2021.06.22
උදය ගම්මන්පිල තෙල් මිල වැඩි කිරීමේ ප‍්‍රකාශය කළේ ජනාධිපති සහ අගමැති ඇතුළු ආණ්ඩුවේ ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨයන් පිරිසක් සහභාගි වූ රැස්වීමක නිර්දේශය මතය. රැස්වීමෙන් එළියට පැමිණි ගම්මන්පිල තෙල් මිල වැඩි කරන බව ප‍්‍රකාශයට පත් කළේය. මේ අනුව අප පෙරද සඳහන් කරන ලද පරිදි උදය ගම්මන්පිල තෙල් මිල වැඩි කළේ සිය බිරිඳ, නැන්දම්මා සහ මාමණ්ඩිය සමග කුස්සියේදී පවත්වන ලද සාකච්ඡාවකින් පසුව නොව රාජ්‍යයේ ඉහළම ස්ථරයේ නියෝගය මත ය. ඔහු පිටතට ඇවිත් ඒ බව කියන්නේ පණිවුඩකරුවකු ලෙස ය. පණිවුඩකරුවාට වෙඩි තබන්නා හරකෙකි; බූරුවෙකි; පල් මෝඩයෙකි. (වෙනත් සුදුසු වචන ඇතොත් ආදේශ කරගත... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

GMOA President Misleading the Public
Dr. Parakrama Waidyanatha Courtesy The Island
Dr Anurudha Padeniya, President of the GMOA in a LankaCNews presentation overwhelmed this writer with trepidation and fear. What is his mission in public fear-mongering? The title of his talk (in Sinhala) was “Agrochemical which is a “mass-exterminator” kills ten times more than Corona”. He claims that while the Corona has killed 500 patients per year, the Rajarata Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology (CKDu) kills ten times more. Incidentally, the etiology of the kidney disease is now known, and the ‘u' from the acronym, should be removed. He confidently... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Case of decomposing government's “Organic Country” Project
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi was quoted telling parliament, Sri Lanka reports 230,000 new kidney and cancer patients annually due to use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. Breaking down that number she had said 6,000 kidney patients annually and 54 cancer patients succumb daily to their tragic ailments. She had also told parliament medical experts have confirmed that these were due to use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. That same day, June 7, referring to the ban on chemical agri-inputs, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had told a meeting of district development committee chiefs; there can... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Sri Lanka's farmers: A fate worse than Pandemic!
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
The President is effectively hollowing out 25% of the earnings of these already cash-strapped communities. His gamble is pushing a good part of Sri Lanka's farmers, who are living on the fringes of poverty, back into abject poverty. This is a crime! To be blunt, this is a crime worse than white vansWorst still, the ban was announced out of the blue, taking them by surprise in the height of the corona virus pandemic. Tea smallholders lament their harvest had plummeted to one third – from 900 kg per acre to 300 kg. Subsistent... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Cabinet approval to import 100,000 metric tonnes of rice
Courtesy Adaderana
The Cabinet of Ministers have approved a proposal to import 100,000 metric tonnes of rice to counter the unusual price increase of rice in the local market.  The cabinet paper presented by Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena for this purpose has been approved by the Cabinet.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Sri Lanka reports another 52 Covid-19 deaths
Courtesy Adaderana
The Director General of Health Services today confirmed another 52 Covid-19 related deaths that had occurred on June 20.  The latest deaths include 22 females and 30 males while one of the victims is a below the age of 30. Ten are aged between 30-59 while the rest are 60 years and above.  This pushes Sri Lanka’s death toll due to the virus to 2,633.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Over 2,000 coronavirus cases reported within today
Courtesy Adaderana
The Health Ministry says that another 367 persons have tested positive for Covid-19 today increasing the daily count of positive cases to 2,098. All new cases reported today are associated with the New Year cluster.  This brings the tally of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country so far to 241,820. Presently a total of 31,952 patients infected with the virus are being treated at hospitals and treatment centres while total recoveries stands at 207,287.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/06/21)

Several   countries   which are pro-Eelam have   prevented senior military officials of the Sri Lanka army, from attending prestigious foreign courses and receiving scholarships, citing unsubstantiated war crimes accusations.  Maj. Gen Jagath Dias was not allowed to join an ICRC project in Australia.  US refused to accommodate Maj. Gen. Sudantha Ranasinghe, on a programme as he commanded the elite 53 Division. The 53 Division had killed LTTE leader Prabhakaran. The International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) created dossiers of war crimes for the senior officers who led the final assault in Eelam War IV.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

Sri Lanka defends move to build artificial reef
Meera Srinivasan Courtesy The Hindu
It is not only the government that defended the move, but also Jaffna-based fisher cooperatives. Days after Tamil Nadu fishermen protested Sri Lanka’s efforts to build an artificial reef off Delft island, west of Jaffna peninsula, authorities defended the move “aimed at enhancing fish breeding”. Last week, Sri Lanka’s Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, with the assistance of Navy, launched a project, dropping around 20 discarded buses into the sea off Delft, as was earlier done in other parts of the island nation, including the eastern Trincomalee district,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

SLPP eats humble pie over fuel price hike statement
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
The statement put out by SLPP (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna)  General Secretary Sagara Kariyawasam, critical of Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila over the latest fuel price hike, laid bare once again factions and frictions  in the government . It is commonsense that the fuel price hikes cannot be enforced without sanction of the Finance Ministry. The subject ministry can make recommendations, but it is finally the collective decision of the government under usual circumstances. The recent spike of fuel prices to reflect increases in the world market is... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

Conspiracy behind inaccurate COVID-19 figures?
Sheain Fernandopulle Courtesy The Daily Mirror
The concerns have been raised to such an extent over the contradictory figures on COVID-19 deaths and cases in the country that medical experts claim that to be a conspiracy. Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) President Dr. Anurudda Padeniya voiced against the controversy over COVID-19 figures. “I say with responsibility that there is a conspiracy behind it. Data are not released by the Epidemiology Unit. Three officials are also behind it,” Dr. Padeniya stressed. “The Epidemiology Unit has been entrusted with six responsibilities such as surveillance,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

Sri Lanka records 47 new COVID-related deaths
Courtesy Adaderana
The Director General of Health Services has confirmed 47 more COVID-19 related deaths that have occurred yesterday (June 19). This pushes the official death toll due to the virus in Sri Lanka to 2,581. According to the data released by the Department of Government Information, the new fatalities confirmed today include 20 females and 27 males. One of them is aged below 30 years, six are between 30-59 years and the remaining 40 are aged 60 years and above.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

Coronavirus: 2,008 new infections confirmed within the day
Courtesy Adaderana
Daily COVID-19 cases count hit 2,008 on Sunday (June 20) as 455 more people were tested positive for the virus in Sri Lanka. Earlier this evening, the Department of Government Information confirmed 1,553 new cases associated with the New Year Cluster. The new development brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 239,669. As many as 201,389 recoveries and 2,581 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic last year. According to official data, more than 35,000... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/06/21)

One way of erasing the Eelam victory is by declaring that the officers, who led the military campaigns, had committed war crimes.  Critics observed that army officers who led front line fighting formations in the Eelam war were relentlessly pursued on the basis of unsubstantiated war crime allegations, not proved in a court of law.   On 19 May 2009, the Sri Lankan military effectively concluded its 26-year operation against the LTTE. The 58 Division of the Sri Lankan Army led by Brig. Shavendra Silva, 59 Division led by Brig. Prasanna de Silva and... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

It is necessary to examine thoroughly the allegation that the government denied food and medicine to the Tamil population in Vanni during Eelam war IV. This is a lie, Sri Lanka never deprived the north of food and medicine, reported Shamindra Ferdinando. Even during the Vanni offensive they received supplies. Never in the history of world has warfare had a government of any country provided food for thirty long years to people living in a territory that was controlled by the enemy, said Lt Col Anil Amarasekera. As a party to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Criminal complaint filed over Sri Lankan's death at immigration facility
Courtesy The Japan Today
NAGOYA A criminal complaint has been filed with prosecutors over the death in March of a Sri Lankan woman who was being held at an immigration facility in Nagoya. Masaki Hirata, a Nagoya City University scholar and supporter of Ratnayake Liyanage Wishma Sandamali, accused an unknown person of failing to provide appropriate medical services to the woman despite her deteriorating health, according to the complaint. "As a citizen, I was heartbroken by the tragedy. I thought about what I could do to help and came up with... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

ඔන්ලයින් (මාර්ගගත) අධ්‍යාපනය - විකල්පයකි
ආචාර්ය රසන්ජලී අබේවික්‍රම විසිනි Courtesy The Island
අධ්‍යාපනය යනු කෙනෙකුගේ ජීවිතය වැඩිදියුණු කළ හැකි ආයුධයකි. එය සමාජයේ දැනුම ව්‍යාප්ත කිරීමට උපකාරී වන ඉතා වැදගත් මෙවලමක් වන අතර එය අධ්‍යාපනයේ වඩාත්ම කැපී පෙනෙන ප්‍රතිලාභයකි. තවද, එය දැනුම පරම්පරාවෙන් තවත් පරම්පරාවකට මාරු කරන මාධ්‍යයක් ලෙස ක්‍රියා කරයි. රටක ආර්ථිකය සහ සමාජය නංවාලීමට අධ්‍යාපනය උපකාරී වේ; එබැවින් එය ජාතියක සංවර්ධනයේ සන්ධිස්ථානයකි. ජාතියක තරුණයින්ගේ පෞරුෂය හැඩගස්වන අතරම එය ජනතාවට දැනුම හා කුසලතා ලබා දෙයි. අධ්‍යාපනය සාමාන්‍යයෙන් ආර්ථික ධනය, සමාජ සමෘද්ධිය සහ දේශපාලන ස්ථාවරත්වය යන සමාජයේ පදනම ලෙස සැලකේ. ආර්ථික හා සමාජ තත්ත්වය රඳා පවතින්නේ පුද්ගල අධ්‍යාපනය මත වන අතර එය... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

China, the most powerful country in the world under CPC leadership: Ranil
YOHAN PERERA Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that under the leadership of the Communist Party, China had become the most powerful country in the world economy today and it was important for Sri Lanka to understand how the development of the future cyber age applies to Sri Lanka and how it progresses. Mr.wickremesinghe made this remark during a speech via zoom, held to celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC). “It is important for all of us to think of the development of the Chinese Communist... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Chinese presence in SL could pose a threat, keeping close watch: Indian Navy
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
With the Chinese Navy getting new port projects in Sri Lanka, a top Indian Navy officer said that it 'could pose a threat' to Indian interests in the region and there is a need to keep a close watch on such activities. In an interview with ANI, Navy vice-chief vice-admiral G Ashok Kumar said the Indian Navy is very well prepared to secure the maritime boundaries of the country and there is no way anyone can surprise us. "If you want to analyse whether it is a threat or not,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Lanka Phosphate Company gazetted under Agriculture Ministry
Courtesy Adaderana
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has amended the functions, responsibilities and institutions coming under the purview of Industries Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry through a Gazette Extraordinary, effective from June 17. The communiqué was published on Friday (June 18), amending the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2187/27 issued on August 09, 2020. Thereby, Lanka Phosphate Company Ltd. which was previously under the purview of the Industries Ministry has been brought under the Agriculture Ministry. As per the new gazette notification, the following institutions have been gazetted under the Industries Ministry: 1. Ceylon... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Daily coronavirus case count moves to 2,169
Courtesy Adaderana
The Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry reports that another 749 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, moving the daily total of new cases to 2,169. This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 237,588. As many as 199,393 recoveries and 2,534 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Epidemiology Unit’s data showed that 35,709 active cases are currently under medical care.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Sri Lanka confirms 54 new COVID deaths
Courtesy Adaderana
Sri Lanka has registered 54 more victims of COVID-19, the Director-General of Health Services confirmed today. The latest fatalities have moved the death toll from the virus infection to 2,534, according to Government Information Department’s data. Reportedly, the victims have succumbed to the virus infection on Friday (June 18). As per official data, 43 victims were aged 60 years and above and 02 were aged between 30-59 years with 02 aged below 30 years.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

Chennai Zoo lions infected with Delta variant of COVID-19
Courtesy Adaderana
According to the Genome sequencing results of the lions which tested COVID-19 positive at the Chennai Zoo, four samples have been identified as “Delta” variants of the virus. As per the World Health Organization(WHO), this variant showed higher transmissibility and reduced neutralisation(by antibodies). This variant is first said to have been detected in India in late 2020. Variants of the SARS-CoV-2(infection) have been emerging and circulating around the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In two batches, eleven samples from the Chennai zoo lions were sent for testing. The  ICAR-National Institute of High-Security... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

EU experts assisting Sri Lanka to assess X-Press Pearl damage
Courtesy Adaderana
A team of technical experts of the European Union (EU) will be assisting the Sri Lankan government to assess the environmental damage caused by the fire-ravaged container ship that sank off Colombo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday (June 18). According to a statement from the ministry, the EU/ECHO – the emergency arm of EU funding – through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) supports three technical experts to help the government in this regard. The experts include Stephane Le Floch – an expert on oil and hazardous and noxious... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/06/21)

The United State of America – The land of hypocrisy, lies, and conspiracies.
By Jaliya Wickremarachchi Ontario, Canada.
Part I It was six months ago that American insurrection took place in Washington DC.  January 6th 2021, will undoubtedly go down in history as the darkest day of American democracy.  The world watched with horror as the most powerful beacon of democracy was coming apart by angry White mobs.  They were politically and racially motivated, fuelled by their supreme leader Donald Trump and his Republican enablers.  He had been shamelessly and cleverly manipulating his followers for four years with lies and conspiracies, like never seen before. Many pundits... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

USEFUL INFORMATION TO UNDERSTAND RESOLUTIONS (Senate and House) – In relation to the H. Res 413 in the US Congress regarding Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan American Action Coalition. (SLAAC) a volunteer group functioning in USA
Bills & Resolutions Forms of Congressional Action The work of Congress is initiated by the introduction of a proposal in one of four principal forms: the bill, the joint resolution, the concurrent resolution, and the simple resolution.  Bills & Resolutions | house.gov An H. Res (or a simple resolution) only concerns "the rules, the operation, or the opinion" of one chamber of Congress. There is no "passage" only "adoption." This means that it does not pass forward to the senate for a... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Sarath Wijesinghe President’s Counsel, former Ambassador to UAE and Israel, President Ambassador’s Forum, currently in UK
Pandemic war in the peak Pandemic war is in the peak and there is no option but to win it sooner or later depending on the world situation. President and the Government has taken all possible endeavours using the political and personal goodwill with the world leaders to find vaccine which is the need of the hour and the response from the world leaders have been satisfactory in that japan China, and USA. Japan has sent positive signs of assistance... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

ආනයන - අපනයන ව්‍යාපාරවල නියුතු ආයෝජකයින්ගේ ගැටළු විසඳීමට කඩිනම් අවධානය.....
අධ්‍යක්ෂ ජනරාල්  අගමැති මාධ්‍ය හා සන්නිවේදන
වරාය හා රේගුව ආශ්‍රිත සේවා ඩිජිටල්කරණයට ඉහළම ප්‍රමුඛතාවය.....  අපනයන ව්‍යාපාර ව්‍යාපාරවල නියුතු ආයෝජකයින්ගේ ගැටළු විසඳීම සඳහා කඩිනම් පියවර ගතයුතු බව  තරුණ කටයුතු සහ ක්‍රීඩා අමාත්‍ය, ඩිජිටල් සංවර්ධන හා ව්‍යවසාය කටයුතු රාජ්‍ය අමාත්‍ය, ගම සමග පිළිසදරක්  ග්‍රාමීය  සංවර්ධන ජනාධිපති කාර්ය සාධක බළකායේ සභාපති නාමල් රාජපක්ෂ මහතා පවසයි. ශ්‍රී ලංකා රේගුව මඟින් භාණ්ඩ නිදහස් කිරිමට පෙර අනුමත සහතික ලබා ගත යුතු ආයතනවල ක්‍රියාවලිය කාර්යක්ෂම කිරීමේ අරමුණින් අදාළ ආයතන ප්‍රධානීන් සමඟ අරලියගහ මන්දිරයේ ඊයේ  (17) පැවති සාකච්ඡාව මෙහෙයවමින් අමාත්‍ය නාමල් රාජපක්ෂ  මැතිතුමා මේ බව සඳහන් කළේය. රේගුව විසින්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

රනිල් - සජිත් ගැටුමෙන් මන්ත්‍රීවරුන් 750 කගේ තනතුරු අහිමිවේද?
රජිත් කීර්ති තෙන්නකෝන් දකුණ හා මධ්‍යම පළාත් හිටපු ආණ්ඩුකාර
මනාප ක්‍රමය තුල ලැයිස්තුවේ ඊලඟට සිටින්නා සෑම විටම තමන්ගේ අවස්ථාව එනතුරු බලා සිටීම අලුත් දෙයක් නොවේ. අලියා, පොහොට්ටුව, ද්‍රවිඩ - මුස්ලිම් පක්ෂ, ලොකු - කුඩා ඕනෑම පක්ෂයක මහජන නියෝජිතයින්ට ඕනෑම මොහොතක විනය චෝදනා එල්ල වී තනතුරු අහිමි කළ හැකිය. අද එජාපට මන්ත්‍රීවරුන් 2300 ක් ඇත. එයින් 750 කට වැඩි පිරිසක් මන්ත්‍රී ධූර රැකගැනීමටත්, තවත් පිරිසක් ඒ මන්ත්‍රීධූර ලබා ගැනීමටත් බලා සිටින්නේය. බැසිල් - විමල් ගැටුම එවැනිම තත්වයක් පොහොට්ටුවට ඇති කළ හැකිය. තනතුරින් ඉවත් කිරීම මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ටත් ඔවුන්ට ඡන්දය දුන් අයටත් එක සේ වැදගත්ය. පුංචි අත් වැරද්දක්, නොතකා... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Can Asia guide Biden on China?”
Keynote Speech by Prof. Kishore Mahbubani
At the “INSIGHT FORUM” organised by Our Hong Kong Foundation, eminent global thinker Professor Kishore Mahbubani called on the US to hit the “pause button” on its geopolitical contest against China amidst the raging global pandemic. Prof Mahbubani, who is a Distinguished Fellow at National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute, pointed out that the US trade war against China had hurt the American economy without solving the underlying economic concerns it was meant to resolve. Such policies have not raised America’s standing in the world, neither have they weakened... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

UK Covid infections rise as Delta variant dominates
By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online Courtesy BBC
UK coronavirus infections have risen slightly in the last week, with an estimated 119,000 people - up from 110,000 - now positive for the virus. The Office for National Statistics figures, up to 12 June, suggest one in every 540 people is infected. The more infectious Delta variant accounts for almost all of the cases, says Public Health England. There is some regional variation in infection rates, however, and some good news on vaccine efficacy. North-west England had the highest proportion of people... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

US seen as a bigger threat to democracy than Russia or China, global poll finds
By Patrick Wintour/The Guardian Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
London, May 5: The US faces an uphill task presenting itself as the chief guardian of global democracy, according to a new poll that shows the US is seen around the world as more of a threat to democracy than even Russia and China. The poll finds support for democracy remains high even though citizens in democratic countries rate their governments’ handling of the Covid crisis less well than people in less democratic countries. Inequality is seen as the biggest threat to global democracy, but in the US... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

UK marine experts to support Sri Lanka with X-press Pearl pollution response
By: SwatiRana Courtesy Eastern Eye
UK-based Oil Spill Response experts look for pollutants from the Singapore-registered container ship MV X-Press Pearl, which is sinking after burning for almost two weeks in the sea off Colombo Harbour, at Sarakkuwa beach, north of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo on June 10, 2021. (Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP via Getty Images) THE UK government will provide marine pollution expertise to help respond to the impact of burnt-out MV X-Press Pearl on the marine life and coastal habitats of Sri Lanka. 360p geselecteerd als... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Sri Lanka seeks India's help after lion tests Covid-19 positive
Courtesy The Hindustan Times
The head of the National Zoological Gardens here said that they are in touch with India's Central Zoo Authority to treat an 11-year-old lion named 'Thor' who has tested positive.PTI | , Colombo Sri Lanka's zoological gardens authorities have sought assistance from India after a lion tested positive for the coronavirus at a zoo here. The head of the National Zoological Gardens here said that they are in touch with India's Central Zoo Authority to treat an 11-year-old lion named 'Thor' who has tested positive. "We are in... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Inaccurate figures on Covid death toll on June 11 led to extension of travel restrictions: Prez
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said today inaccurate figures on Covid death toll reported on June 11 led to the extension of travel restrictions and stressed that it was vital to provide accurate and updated information to make correct decisions. He said it was revealed through comprehensive investigations that only 15 deaths had occurred on June 11 whereas 101 deaths were reported that day. He said travel restrictions,which were to be lifted on June 14, were extended till June 21 based on the information of 101 COVID deaths being reported on June... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Latest update on islandwide travel restrictions
Courtesy Adaderana
A decision has been taken to lift the islandwide travel restrictions currently in effect at 4.00 a.m. on Monday (June 21), Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said. However, the travel restrictions will be re-imposed at 10.00 p.m. on June 23 (Wednesday) and continue until 4.00 a.m. on June 25 (Friday). He said that the restrictions on travel between provinces will remain in effect during the period when travel restrictions are eased and until further notice.  Meanwhile public gatherings, meetings and any events will also be prohibited during that period.   ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Daily coronavirus cases count moves to 2,327 on Friday
Courtesy Adaderana
Daily COVID-19 cases count hit 2,327 on Friday (June 18) as 767 more people were tested positive for the virus in Sri Lanka. The new development brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 235,401. As many as 197,259 recoveries and 2,480 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic last year. According to official data, up to 35,707 active cases are currently under medical care at designated hospitals and treatment centres.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Sri Lanka records 55 new COVID-related fatalities
Courtesy Adaderana
The Director General of Health Services has confirmed 55 more COVID-19 related fatalities, according to the Government Information Department. The new development brings the official death toll from the virus outbreak in Sri Lanka to 2,480. Reportedly, the victims - 23 females and 32 males - have succumbed to the virus infection on Thursday (June 17). As per the statistics released by the department, 13 are between 30-59 years and the rest of the victims are aged 60 years and above.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Govt. to offer Rs. 10,000 per hectare for farmers producing organic fertilizer
Courtesy Adaderana
Ministry of Agriculture says the government will offer Rs.10,000 per hectare to each farmer who produces organic fertilizer. The decision was reached at a meeting held at the Agriculture Ministry regarding the production and supply of organic fertilizer required for the upcoming Maha Season. https://youtu.be/Uq4SDLlgLmc During the discussion, it was revealed that 500kg of organic fertilizer, 5kg of ammonium nutrient, 35kg of potassium and 10 litres of biofertilizer have been recommended per hectare. The agriculture ministry said the government intends to fulfil the national requirement by... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

Posts of several UNP local govt. members including 3 UC chairmen vacated
Courtesy Adaderana
Gazette notifications have been published announcing that 59 local government members have vacated their posts as they have ceased to be members of the United National Party (UNP). The declarations were issued by the returning officers of relevant Pradeshiya Sabha, urban councils and municipal councils. These local government members who represented the UNP were elected to their posts in the 2018 Provincial Council elections, however, they had later endorsed the current main Opposition, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB). Thereby, the UNP had decided to suspend the party membership of these members.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 19/06/21)

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  • THE ANCESTRY OF RAVANA A close study of the Ramayana, particularly the last book or Uttara Kanda, reveals that Ravana, the enemy of Lord Rama, was not a Dravidian, as many people have thought, but related to the Sri Lanka, who are considered to be Aryans-that Ravana was a migrant to Sri Lanka from the Vedic family of the Yadus, perhaps deriving originally from the city of Mathura south of Delhi. The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from the north was from Gujarat and of the Yadu family, which dominated the southwest of India and from the region of Gujarat had access to the sea on which they travelled far in their trading and colonizing ventures. The Ramayana tells the Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, had close connections with region of the Yadus, which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura south of Delhi.
  • Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    123,000 BC - Oldest human found in Lanka - Pathirajawela in the deep South.
    12000 BC - MaduruOya findings World's oldest findings of the use of Steel, Copper, and irrigation technology
    7500 BC - Connections between Cambians, Sri Lankans, Ramayanaya & Mahabharataya The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from north India, were from the Yadu family from Gujarat. Yadus dominated the southwest of India (which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura, just south of Delhi).
    6000 BC - Lankan city on Mahamevuna Uyana - Archeologists uncovered 35 feet under the present Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradapura,
    3000 BC - Sigiriya is considered the AlakaMandava of the Ravana
    2517 Ramayanaya and Sri Lanka According to Ramayana story, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, belongs to a family of migrants from North India who had close connections with region of the Yadus,
    2517 BC - Ravana gets killed in Balangoda during March, 2517BC Ravana, while attending to the wounds suffered in combat by Vibishana (his brother) in Balangoda,
    1000 BC - Sri Lanka has the latest technology : Iron technology is evident in SL
    900 BC - Anuradapura, a major town of, at least 10 Hectares (25 Acres). Anuradhapura was at least 10 ha in extent by ca. 900 BC (perhaps much more). By then prehistoric stone tool technology had been completely superseded by that of iron
    700 BC - Anuradapura Town, 50 Hectares (125 Acres) .
    600 BC - Earliest Proof of Brahmi writing in Lanka At 600-500 BC, the very first appearance of writing (in Brahmi letters almost identical to the Asokan script 200 years later) marked the beginning of the Early Historic period. This writing, radiocarbon dated on charcoal and checked by thermoluminescence dating, is inscribed on potsherds signifying the ownership. Among the names, was Anuradha.
    483 BC - Vijaya lands in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya is built in Thiriyaya. Buddha's relics are enshrined in Mahiyanganaya Dagaba Sarabu Maharahatan Vahanse picked Budda relics from the burning cortege and arrived in Mahiyanganaya
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    -Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
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"Human Rights Watch, one of the world's best-financed and most influential human rights organizations? It turns out that they cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true".-Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Amnesty and HRW may research their material and appear to be neutral in their assessments every time, no one can really evaluate their impartiality unless one sets out to investigate their background funding, behind-the-scenes researchers and the influences under which they operate. Read "Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI) in Sri Lanka"


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