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 Sri Lanka, Monday 26th of February 2024
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China Cannot Defend Itself with Untested Weapons If the Golden Opportunity to Test Them in Ukraine Against NATO Weapons is Wasted
Dilrook Kannangara
Contrary to popular views, China is set to lose a war against USA and its proxies. Despite having the largest arsenal of weapons of war, they are untested in battlefield making them fail in a real war as China has not engaged in any serious war. This is one main reason why USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel constantly engage in war. War gives them an opportunity to learn from it, refine their weapons and tactics. China has not had that opportunity. The least China can do is to send their weapons to Ukraine to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

Sri Lanka's marine and offshore engineering industry shows potential of being on par with global leaders
Courtesy OpportunitySrilanka
A senior Sri Lankan expert in the maritime industry has reportedly said that Sri Lanka's marine and offshore engineering industry can be developed to be on par with global players in shipbuilding, marine engineering and offshore construction. Dr. Sarath Obeysekera, Chairman of Sri Lanka Export Development Board's (EDB) Advisory Forum on Marine and Offshore Engineering and CEO of Walkers Colombo Shipyard owned by MTD Walkers has been quoted as saying in the state owned Daily News that this would require collective action and support from the industry stakeholders and the Sri Lankan government and Sri Lankan... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

FCID ප්‍රධානී මාව දූෂණය කරන්න හැදුවේ. රවී! ඔය කොස් ඇට මීයගෙන්ද මට ##න්න හදන්නේ.@TruthwithChamuditha
Truth with Chamuditha
චාමලී මදනායක සමග චමුදිත සමරවික්‍රම. Chamali Madanayake On Truth with Chamuditha https://youtu.be/BJOS37BQyKU... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

Elections and Money Politics in the US: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Courtesy The Intercept
In 2018, shortly after U.S. Congress woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), ousted incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley in New York's 14th Congressional District, her office got an unexpected phone call. It was the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, offering an unsolicited donation of $100,000. AOC declined the money and has emerged as one of the few voices in Congress willing to oppose Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. Now, AIPAC is spending tens of millions of dollars to target progressives aligned with AOC in Democratic primaries. ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

Electoral Bond Scheme ‘unconstitutional'. Indian Supreme Court
Courtesy Livemint
Here are top seven things the judges said The Supreme Court has scrapped the Electoral Bond Scheme that allowed anonymous funding to political parties, stating that it violates the right to information (RTI) and can lead to quid pro quo. The Supreme Court on February 15 scrapped the Electoral Bond Scheme that allowed anonymous funding to political parties. Supreme Court's five-judge CJI DY Chandrachud, and Justices Sanjiv Khanna, BR Gavai, JB Pardiwala, and Manoj Misra pronounced the judgement.   The apex court said that the Scheme violates the right... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

මහ බැංකු අධිපති IMF කොන්ත‍්‍රාත්කාරයෙක්…
උපුටා ගැන්ම ලංකා සී නිව්ස්
මාර්තුවේ දී එට්කා ගිවිසුම අත්සන් කිරීමෙන් පසු ඕනෑම ඉන්දියානුවකුට රැකියාවකට, වෙළඳාමකට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට නිදහසේ පැමිණිය හැකි බවත් කලක් ගත වන විට ශ්‍රී ලංකාව ඉන්දියානුවන්ගෙන් පිරී යාම සහ ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයන් මේ රටේ සුළුතරය බවට පත්වීම නොවැළැක්විය හැකි බවත් ජාතික නිදහස් පෙරමුණේ නායක, පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා පෙන්වා දෙයි. එතැන් සිට අපේ රටට ස්වෛරීත්වය අහිමි වන බවත් රට ආර්ථිකමය වශයෙන් “හතරගාතයෙන්” වැටුණු මේ මොහොතේ රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ ජනාධිපතිවරයා සිදුකරමින් සිටින්නේ රටේ ස්වෛරීත්වය බිල්ලට දීම බවත් දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධනලා සහ රාජපක්ෂලා එම පාපතර මෙහෙයුමට “පහන” අල්ලන බවත් ඒ මහතා වැඩිදුරටත් පෙන්වා දෙයි. පසුගියදා... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

සෙන්දිල් තොණ්ඩමන්ගේ නැගෙනහිර පළාතේ ඉඩම් කොල්ලයට මහජන විරෝධය
උපුටා ගැන්ම  ලංකා ලීඩර්
නැගෙනහිර පළාතේ මහ ඇමැති සෙන්දිල් තොණ්ඩමන් තම බලය පාවිච්චි කරමින් නැගෙනහිර පළාතේ ඉඩම් මහා පරිමාණයෙන් හිතවතුන් අතර බෙදාදෙන බව සහ මුදලට විකුණන බවට පළාතේ මහජනයා පැමිණිලි කරති. ඊට අදාළව විස්තර සහිතව සහ මහජන අත්සන් සහිතව පෙත්සමක් එම ජනතාව විසින් ජනාධිපතිවරයාට යොමුකර ඇත. එම ඉඩම් කොල්ලය නිසා මහාපරිමාණ වන සංහාරයක් සහ පරිසර විනාශයක් ද සිදුවන බව ද වාර්තා වේ. ඒ අනුව මහජනයා උද්ඝෝෂණය කරන්නේ වහාම සෙන්දිල් තොණ්ඩමන් ආණ්ඩුකාර තනතුරෙන් ඉවත් කරන ලෙසය. (LANKA LEADER )... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

President orders probe into notification requiring Russian, Ukraine tourists to leave within 14 days
Courtesy Adaderana
President Ranil Wickremesinghe has ordered an investigation into the notification issued to Russian and Ukrainian tourists, requiring them to leave the country within 14 days. According to the President’s Media Division (PMD), the relevant notification was issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration without prior approval from the Cabinet of Ministers. As such, the Government of Sri Lanka has not officially decided to revoke the visa extensions previously granted to these tourists who have been staying in the country since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the PMD reported. ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/02/24)

Sri Lanka’s Economy in the woods: But there is a way out.
by Garvin Karunaratne
Thanks to Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Bandula Gunawardena for revealing that the Sri Lankan Government “is running a shortfall of Rs 10 trillion to meet its expenditure with its revenue...We collect only Rs 3 trillion while the expenses are Rs 13 trillion”(The Morning20​/02/2024) This reveals a situation of sheer bankruptcy, a situation out of which we can perhaps, never recover. What has happened is that since 1978 we have been overspending- living far beyond our means. Professor Charita Herath has aptly stated in the Lankadeepa of 9/2/24 that we are... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 25/02/24)

De-conspiring the inscription
Ama H. Vanniarachchy Courtesy Ceylon Today
By Ama H. Vanniarachchy The recently-discovered Dimbulagala Rock Inscription became immensely popular in the country due to many reasons. It was instantly labelled by media as the, ‘largest inscription found in Sri Lanka’, and, ‘difficult to read and interpret’.  Accepting many of these ‘lucrative’ claims at face value social as well as mainstream media jumped into conclusions labelling it as, ‘difficult to read’, ‘full of mysteries’, and ‘an inscription that... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 25/02/24)

Many Americans believe the economy is rigged
By Katherine J. Cramer and Jonathan D. Cohen Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
Plight of the American poor New York, February 21 (New York Times): When asked what drives the economy, many Americans have a simple, single answer that comes to mind immediately: “greed.” They believe the rich and powerful have designed the economy to benefit themselves and have left others with too little or with nothing at all. We know Americans feel this way because we asked them. Over the past two years, as part of a project with the American Academy of... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 25/02/24)

You can call me ’Pad Man’ but I will focus on women’s health: Sajith
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Kandy, Feb. 24 (Daily Mirror)- Renewing his pledge made during the 2019 Presidential election, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa today said he will focus on the maximum on women's health if elected as President of this country.  "I was called 'Pad Man' during the last Presidential election when I spoke of women's health. Talking of women's health is taboo only in Sri Lanka. However, Scotland and New Zealand provide sanitary pads to women free of charge. I will follow these countries and will do the same. You can call me Pad Man," Premadasa... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 25/02/24)

‘A united step for the country’: Patali’s party submits proposal to President
Courtesy Adaderana
The United Republic Front presented the proposal titled “A United Step for the Country” to President Ranil Wickremesinghe this morning (Feb.24), at ‘Sirikotha, the United National Party (UNP) headquarters in Colombo. After engaging in discussions with the President, the leader of the United Republic Front, MP Patali Champika Ranawaka, along with the delegation, presented the relevant proposal to the President. Speaking at the event President Ranil Wickremesinghe, highlighted the government’s concerted efforts over the past two years to stabilize the country’s economy, which had faced significant challenges. Stressing the government’s... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 25/02/24)

මැතිවරණ, බැඳුම්කර වංචා සහ මුදල් දේශපාලනය: ජාත්‍යන්තර මූල්‍ය අරමුදල සහ බංකොළොත්වීමේ ව්‍යුහ විද්‍යාව
ධරිණී රාජසිංහම් සේනානායක
ධරිණි රාජසිංහම් සේනානායක රටවල් බංකොළොත් කිරීම හයිබ්‍රිඩ් ආර්ථික යුද මාදිලියකි ශ්‍රී ලංකාව සිය ඉතිහාසයේ පළමුවරට තමන්ගත්  විදේශ ණය ගෙවීමට නොහැකි බවට එනම්  තමන්   බංකොළොත් වී ඇති බවට ප්‍රකාශ කිරීම සිදුවූයේ එය  බ්‍රිතාන්‍යයෙන් නිදහස ලබා වසර 75ක් පිරීම සැමරෙන අවස්ථාවේදීමය. මෑත වසර කීපය තුළ සිදුවීම් දෙස ආපසු හැරී බැලීමේදී ලැබෙන අවබෝධය තුළ ඒ සඳහා බලපාන ලද මූලික හේතුන් පැහැදිලිව හඳුනාගත හැකිය.2021 මාර්තු මාසයේදී මෙම බංකොළොත් බව ප්‍රකාශ කෙරෙන අවස්ථාවේදී අතිශයෝක්තියට නංවන ලද “අරගලයේ” ව්‍යාජ උත්කර්ෂයටද  සහ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ගොඩ ගැසුණ ණය කන්දරාව පිටුපස පැවැති රහසිගත ජාත්‍යන්තර ව්‍යුහයන්ගේත් ජාත්‍යන්තර... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 24/02/24)

Illegality of Urumaya programme
by Neville Ladduwahetty Courtesy The Island
President distributing land deeds in Galle recently The Urumaya Programme, aimed at resolving land ownership issues for over two million Sri Lankans, was officially launched on 5 February in Dambulla by Minister Harin Fernando. During the press briefing the Minister is reported to have stated: “The programme’s aim is to provide permanent land ownership solutions. Over 10,000 land licensees currently holding Ran Bhoomi, Jaya Bhoomi, and Swarna Bhoomi licences will be among the first beneficiaries of this programme. These licenses will be converted into freehold deeds, granting them... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 24/02/24)

ප්‍රවිණ මාධ්‍යවේදිනී ෂෙනාලි වඩුගේ මහත්මියගේ ආදරණීය මෑණියන්ගේ අවසන් කටයුතු සිදුවෙයි
උපුටා ගැන්ම  ලංකා ලීඩර්
ජාතික මතවාදය වෙනුවෙන් සැමවිටම පෙනීසිටිමින් ජාත්‍යන්තර වශයෙන් හා දේශීය වශයෙන් ඒ වෙනුවෙන් තම හඬ අවදිකරමින් රට වෙනුවෙන් තම මාධ්‍ය භාවිතාව හැසිරවූ ප්‍රවීන මාධ්‍යවේදිනී ෂෙනාලි වඩුගේ මහත්මියගේ ආදරණීය මෑණියන් වූ ශ්‍රීමා වඩුගේ මහත්මිය ඉකුත් දා අභාවප්‍රාප්ත විය.  එම මෑණියන්ගේ අවසන් කටයුතු  බොරැල්ල සුසාන භූමියේ දී සිදුවූ අතර, එම අවස්ථාවට බොහෝ පිරිසක් එක්ව සිටියහ. එම අභාවය පිළිබඳව 'ලංකා ලීඩර්' අපගේ ශෝකය මෙසේ පළකර සිටිමු. අවසන් කටයුතු සිදුවූ අයුරු දැක්වෙන ඡායාරූප පහළින්... ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 24/02/24)

There is a tug of war going on in the north of Sri Lanka between the Buddhist and non-Buddhists over   Buddhist temples in the north. Neither side is prepared to give in. The Buddhist temples at Navatkuli( Jaffna) and Vadunagala ( Vavuniya) have faced strong opposition. In 2009 57 Buddhist families were brought in and settled in Navatkuli.  They were Sinhala families that had been driven out of Jaffna in 1984 and 1990. Navatkuli is located 6 km from Jaffna. 'Kalana Mithuru Daham Sabha' across the country sponsored the construction of a new temple... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 23/02/24)

කුවේණිගේ ශාපයද? ඉන්දියාවේබලහත්කාරයද?
C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.
අවස්ථානුකූලව ලංකා මුහුදට හොරෙන් එන ඉන්දියන් මාළු බෝට්ටු ! “India under Modi is a rouge state”- Hina Khar, Pakistan’s ex-foreign minister. “පලවෙනි විජයබාහු මහරජතුමා (1055-1110),  කීර්ති කුමාරයා, නොසිටින්නට, ලංකාව දකුණු ඉන්දියාවේ කොටසක් වනවා නිසැකය.” නීල කණ්ඨ ශාස්ත්‍රී, දකුණු ඉන්දියා ඉතිහාසය පිළිඹද ලෝක ප්‍රසිද්ධ මහාචාර්ය *(A) හැඳින්වීම බෲනෝලාගේ මෝඩාභිමානය හරින් ප්‍රනාන්දු  නම් බළල් අත විසින් ලංකාව ඉන්දියාවේ කොටසක් යයි කියන කතාව, ඒ හා සමානව මීට පෙර රංජන් රාමනායක විසින් රටේ හාමුදුරුවරු ගැන කටේ බ්‍රේක් නැතිව කරණ ලද ප්‍රකාශ වලට සමාන... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 23/02/24)

Let's prevent attempts to push Sinhala to the heap of abandoned languages.A Supreme Court decision has not yet been delivered in Sinhala.-Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Media Division 
Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that it is most regrettable that not a single Supreme Court verdict has been delivered in Sinhala so far. He also emphasized the imperative need to prevent the attempts by interested parties to push Sinha la into the pile of abandoned and extinct languages. He stated this at the International Mother Language Day event organized by the National Language Education and Training Institute of the Ministry of Public Administration, the Official Language Commission, the Official Language Department and Sinhala Studies Department of Ruhunu University held on 21.02.2024 at the... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 23/02/24)

Forty Asia-Pacific Countries Unite For An Agrifood Systems Transformation To Ensure Food Security Of Future Generations
Press Release: UN FAO
22/02/2024, Colombo – Forty countries from the Asia and Pacific region today agreed that transforming agrifood systems was imperative to providing food security for their children’s generation and beyond, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported today. The summation was delivered at today’s close of the 37th Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC37). The conference was hosted by the Government of Sri Lanka Forty countries of Asia and the Pacific attended the APRC, with the vast majority attending in-person, including some 20... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 23/02/24)

Research links COVID-19 vaccines with increased heart risks, brain and blood disorders
Courtesy Adaderana
Amidst the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines emerged as a beacon of hope, offering humanity a vital tool against the deadly virus. However, recent research has introduced a concerning twist to this narrative. Since the onset of the pandemic, approximately 13.5 billion COVID-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide, marking a significant milestone in the fight against the virus. Notably, around 71% of the global population has received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. Despite the widespread vaccination efforts, a recent peer-reviewed study has now sparked health concerns among this... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

ධීවරයෝ කාදිනල් හිමිගේ නිවස වටකරයි | ධීවරයෝ කාදිනල් හිමිට සැරටම අමතයි | පොලිසියටත් උත්තර නෑ
News Center
https://youtu.be/y3oAerQ1iYc... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

IRA || ඉර || 2024 - 02 - 19 || Udaya Gammanpila
Swarnavahini News - Live
https://youtu.be/XLOYFOPc5wk... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

එට්කා මාර්තුවේ.. සියල්ල ඉන්දියාවට.. රටේ අවසානයේ ආරම්භය..
ජාතික නිදහස් පෙරමුණ
ඉන්දියානුවන්ට මෙරට රැකියා වෙළඳපළ සහ වෙළඳාමට නිදහසේ පිවිසිය හැකි ආකාරයට සැකසෙමින් තිබෙන එට්කා ගිවිසුම අත්සන් තැබීමට ඉඩදී නිහඬව සිටියහොත් මේ සියවසේ, මේ රටට එරෙහිව අගතිදායකම දේ සිදුකළ පිරිස බවට වත්මන් මැති සබය පත්වන බවට ජාතික නිදහස් පෙරමුණේ නායක, පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා අවධාරණය කරයි. පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේදී පැවති විවාදයකට එක්වෙමින් ඒ මහතා මෙසේ අවධාරණය කළේය. එහිදී වැඩිදුරටත් අදහස් දැක්වූ වීරවංශ මන්ත්‍රීවරයා මෙසේද සඳහන් කළේය. “ගරු නියෝජ්‍ය කතානායකතුමනි, මුදල් අමාත්‍යාංශයට අදාළ පනත් කෙටුම්පත් කිහිපයක් විවාදයට ගෙනෙන මේ වෙලාවේ මම කැමතියි රටේ ආර්ථිකයේ සිදුවෙමින් පවතින්නේ කුමක්ද, කියා මේ සභාව ඉදිරියේ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

Sri Lanka should not become Indianized: Government MP
By Ajith Siriwardana and Yohan Perera Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Parliament, Feb. 21 (Daily Mirror)- A government MP said today that Sri Lanka should not be subjected to Indianisation, claiming that he was against the Indian rupee being used in Sri Lanka and to provide Sri Lankan airports to Indian investors. SLPP MP Sarath Weerasekara told Parliament that the President's efforts to rescue the country from economic shambles was praiseworthy and that he was against it if Sri Lanka was gradually subjected to indianisation. "We are against if the Indian rupee is used in... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

Minister calls for proposals to halt sending Sri Lankan women overseas as housemaids
Courtesy Adaderana
Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara says he has sought proposals from officials of the SLBFE and foreign employment agencies to “completely stop” sending Sri Lankan women overseas to serve as housemaids. Taking to ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), the Minister stated that he has urged the management of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) and the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) to submit proposals and plans to completely stop sending Sri Lankan women overseas to work as housemaids. Nanayakkara emphasised the importance of halting the practice of... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

Tiran claims attempts to disrupt operation ‘Yukthiya’ funded by drug networks
Courtesy Adaderana
Minister of Public Security, Tiran Alles, emphasized his unwavering commitment to continue operations aimed at suppressing drugs, tackling the underworld and preventing violence against women and children, regardless of any pressure encountered. https://youtu.be/ELReQZ_enKo Furthermore, Minister Alles disclosed that the value of drugs seized thus far during the ‘Yukthiya’ operation, which commenced on December 17, 2023, amounts to Rs. 7.8 billion. The Minister made these remarks during a news conference held at the Presidential Media Centre today (21 Feb.) under the theme ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’. ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 22/02/24)

නිවනේ ඇති පලය කුමක්ද? නිවන් දකින්නේ කුමටද? - 2 වන කොටස
තිස්ස ගුණතිලක
ඉහත පැනයට පිළිතුර හමුවන්නේ නිවන යනු කුමන ස්වභාවයක්දැයි හදුනාගැනීම තුලයි. ඒ නිසා නිවනේ ස්වභාවය හොදින් වටහාගැනීමට තවදුරටත් උත්සාහ කරමු. පසුගිය ලිපියේ පැහැදිලිකල ආකාරයට අනාත්මීය (අනිච්ච), ශුණ්‍ය (දුක්ඛ) හා කරන්නෙක් නැති (අනාත්ම) ආකාරයෙන් ස්වභාවධර්මය පවතියි. ස්වභාවධර්මය අර්ථ දක්වන, පැහැදිලි කරන (definition) සද්ධර්මය තුල හමුවන තිලක්ෂණය මෙයයි. මේ ආකාරයෙන් ඔබත් මමත් සතාසීපාවාත් ගහකොලත් ගංඟා ඇල දොල සුලඟ පෘතුවිය ආකාශය තාරකා ආදියත් වටිනාකමක් නැති, ඒ නිසාම ගින්නක් ඇතිනොවන (ආශ්වාදයක් හෝ වෛරයක් - රාගයක් ද්වේශයක් ඇති නොවන) ස්වභාවයෙන් ස්වභාවධර්මය තුල පවතියි. සරලව කිවහොත් මේ සියල්ලම 'මෙලෝ රසක් නැති' ස්වභාවයෙන් භාහිරයේ පවතියි. මේවා සත්‍ය වශයෙන් නොපවතින බව ප්‍රකාශකරන්නන් ඔබව... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

ජවිපෙ ඉන්දියන් විරෝධය ඇත්තක්ද?  
රජිත් කීර්ති තෙන්නකෝන්
ජවිපෙ ආරම්භයේ සිට අද දක්වා වසර 55 ක කාලය පුරාම, ‘ඉන්දියන් විරෝධය‘ කාලයෙන් කාලයට උඩ යට ගියේය. ඉන්දියන් විරෝධය හා එමගින් ඇති වූ සමාජ බලපෑම ගැන දත්ත පාදක විග්‍රහයක් බොහෝ දෙනාට නැත. චීන කොමියුනිස්ට් පක්ෂයට හිතවත් මතවාදයක් දැරූ විජේවීර, ඉන්දු - චීන ගැටුම් වර්ධනයවන විට, චීනයේ පැත්ත ගත්තේය.  1967 දෙසැම්බර් ඓතිහාසික කලැත්තෑව සාකච්ඡාවෙන් පසුව, පන්ති පහට ‘ඉන්දියානු ව්‍යාප්තවාදය‘ එන්නේ එතැනිනි.  කැරළිකරුවන් 1977 සිරගෙදරින් නිදහස්වන විට ජවිපෙ ‘ඉන්දියන් ව්‍යාප්තවාදයේ සටන් පාඨය‘ වාෂ්පවී තිබුණි. ඒ බව විජේවීරගේ වචනයෙන්ම මෙසේය. “ඉන්දියානු ප්‍රශ්නය ගත්තොත් මාඕ සේතුංගෙ තර්ක එහෙම දාලා චීන-ඉන්දීය මතභේදය උඩ ෂන් පොත් ගහලා... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

ඉරානය සහ ශ්‍රී ලංකාව අතර  සංවර්ධන සහයෝගීතාව, වෙළඳාම සහ ආයෝජන පුළුල් කිරීමට පියවර...
අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මාධ්‍ය අංශය
අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා සහ ඉරාන විදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්‍ය හොසේන් අමීර් අබ්දුල්ලාහියාන් (Hossein Amir-Abdullahian) මහතා අතර, සාකච්ඡාවක් අද (2024.02.20) අරලියගහ මන්දිරයේදී පැවැත්විණි.දෙරටෙහි සමීප ද්විපාර්ශ්වික සබඳතා සහ සංවර්ධන ව්‍යාපෘති සම්බන්ධයෙන් සහයෝගිතාව පුළුල් කිරීම හා වෙළෙඳ සහ ආයෝජන පිළිබඳව මෙම සාකච්ඡාවේදී අවධානය යොමු කෙරිණි.විදුලිබල පද්ධතියට මෙගාවොට් 120ක අතිරේක විදුලි ධාරිතාවක් එක් කරන උමා ඔය ජල විදුලි ව්‍යාපෘතිය සඳහා ලබාදුන් සහය පිළිබඳව අග්‍රාමාත්‍යවරයා මෙහිදී ඉරානයට ස්තූතිය පළ කළේය.උමා ඔය ව්‍යාපෘතිය මගින් විදුලිය උත්පාදනයට අමතරව වියළි බිම් අක්කර 50,000 කට වාරි ජලය සැපයීම සඳහා ඝන මීටර් මිලියන 145 ක ජලය සපයයි. මෙම සාර්ථක ව්‍යාපෘතිය පිළිබඳව සතුට පළ කළ ඉරාන... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

Sri Lanka’s tourism poised for remarkable growth as visa free travel enhances industry potential
Courtesy Adaderana
February, 20, 2024 Tourism in Sri Lanka is on a high growth trajectory following a boost in Sri Lanka’s potential as a must-visit destination. Visa free travel for tourists from China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan has provided the right nudge for tourists to put Sri Lanka on the top of their travel bucket list. Nationals from these countries planning to visit Sri Lanka need to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before arriving, subject to granting of visa free of charge. The scheme is valid until... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

Sri Lanka’s court okays controversial anti-terror bill with reforms
Courtesy LaPrensalatina
Colombo, Feb 20 (EFE).- Sri Lanka’s highest court has given its approval to a contentious anti-terrorism bill in a long-awaited verdict that calls for the removal of several unconstitutional provisions in the proposed legislation amid national and international pressure. Following legal challenges, the bill is now slated for approval by parliament, House Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena said on Tuesday. The proposed legislation aims to replace a previous law criticized by human rights organizations as draconian and excessively restrictive. However, concerns persist regarding potential rights violations, given the bill’s similarities to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

Protest against Harin…
Courtesy Adaderana
A protest was staged near the Office of the Minister of Tourism, located on the seventh floor of the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM), this afternoon (20 Feb.). Accordingly, a group of protesters were seen calling for the resignation of Tourism Minister Harin Fernando, accusing him of violating the Constitution of Sri Lanka. PC - Sanjeewa Lasantha... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

Protesting health workers claim over-time
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Colombo, Feb 19 (Daily Mirror) - The health sector workers who staged a protest at the National Hospital, Colombo (NHC) today demanding the removal of the National Hospital's Deputy Director, had reportedly signed for overtime payments. When contacted, Deputy Director Dr. Rukshan Bellana claimed that more than 200 health workers attached to the NHC, Eye Hospital, Dental Institute Colombo, Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) and De Soysa Hospital for Women had come to the NHC and protested. He also claimed that these health workers had signed four hours of overtime (OT)... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

Wimal questions Harin’s statement in India
By Ajith Siriwardana and Yohan Perera Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Parliament, Feb. 20 (Daily Mirror)- The government must inform Parliament wether the statement made by Tourism Minister Harin Fernando in India that Sri Lanka was part of India was the government's official stance or his personal opinion, Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa said. He told Parliament that the Minister had stated in India that Sri Lanka was a part of India and the three airports will be given to India. "The govenment must reveal if the Minister's statement is the official stance of the government or... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

English language to be considered for conducting legal proceedings
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Colombo, Feb 20, (Daily Mirror) -  The English language is to be considered for conducting legal proceedings and maintaining records in certain courts, the Government Information Department said today. Particulars in the commerce sphere related to commercial activities are mainly used in the English language and require a considerable cost and time in translating those contents into the Sinhala language. Due to that, an extended period to settle commercial disputes take place which leads to a disadvantage when obtaining entrepreneurs, the department said. “This situation also affected the position of... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 21/02/24)

A country governed by a flawed Constitution for 46 years? (1978-2024)
Dr Sudath Gunasekara.  Former Secretary to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranayaka and President Mahanuwara Sinhala Baudhdha Jeista Purawesiyange SanviDhaanaya.
The 1978 one-man Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka was promulgated on 7th September 1978 and it abolished the Republican Constitution framed on a popular mandate from the general public in 1972. Since then, 21 Amendments have been made to it by now. (Compare it with Thirty-three amendments to the Constitution of the United States since the Constitution was put into operation on March 4, 1789 (235 years) Generally, the accepted requirement for the Amendment of the Constitution in... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/02/24)

Does our Central Bank live in cloud cuckoo land? Emperor Nero fiddles while Rome burns: Rome will burn beware!
By Garvin Karunaratne, former GA Matara
My warnings about an unbridled Central Bank have come true with the Central Bank mandarins deciding a salary increase of as much as seventy percent, while over half our population lives in sheer poverty having to forgo at least a meal everyday. My Warnings appeared in Lanka Web of 20 th March 2023: An Independent Central Bank: Does it not clash with the sovereignty of the Central Bank. I would appeal to our Central Bank to think again about this massive increase. Any salary increases have to be made to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/02/24)

The Arts of Post-Colonialism, Geopolitics & Other White Trash
e-Con e-News
blog: eesrilanka.wordpress.com ‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 11-17 February 2024 ‘Hi guys! How are you doing, exhorted US Ambassador Julie Chung as she walked towards a group of MPs… after the ceremonial opening of Parliament… Another parliamentarian quickly shot a question before the US envoy could move over towards another group: “JVP leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake is in India. Are there any Indo-Pacific issues linked to the visit?” ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/02/24)

False interpretation of Secularism to deny Freedom of Religion to Buddhist Students to listen to Pirith at Royal College
Senaka Weeraratna
An old boy who has expressed opposition in an article in the Daily FT recently, to the chanting of Pirith in a Buddhist religious ceremony at Royal College on grounds that it is ‘Anti Secular’, has given a false interpretation of Secularism. Moreover, he has made false allegations against the school authorities that 1)    The authorities were forcibly collecting funds from non – non-Buddhist children 2)    The giving of Atapirikara to 100 monks is being done based on forcing parents of children to contribute 3)    Converting Royal College... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 20/02/24)

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    B. MURALIDHAR REDDY in the war zone-Full Story- (frontlineonnet.com/ - 08/06/09)
    Final assault
    B. MURALIDHAR REDDY in the war zone
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  • THE ANCESTRY OF RAVANA A close study of the Ramayana, particularly the last book or Uttara Kanda, reveals that Ravana, the enemy of Lord Rama, was not a Dravidian, as many people have thought, but related to the Sri Lanka, who are considered to be Aryans-that Ravana was a migrant to Sri Lanka from the Vedic family of the Yadus, perhaps deriving originally from the city of Mathura south of Delhi. The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from the north was from Gujarat and of the Yadu family, which dominated the southwest of India and from the region of Gujarat had access to the sea on which they travelled far in their trading and colonizing ventures. The Ramayana tells the Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, had close connections with region of the Yadus, which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura south of Delhi.
  • Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    123,000 BC - Oldest human found in Lanka - Pathirajawela in the deep South.
    12000 BC - MaduruOya findings World's oldest findings of the use of Steel, Copper, and irrigation technology
    7500 BC - Connections between Cambians, Sri Lankans, Ramayanaya & Mahabharataya The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from north India, were from the Yadu family from Gujarat. Yadus dominated the southwest of India (which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura, just south of Delhi).
    6000 BC - Lankan city on Mahamevuna Uyana - Archeologists uncovered 35 feet under the present Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradapura,
    3000 BC - Sigiriya is considered the AlakaMandava of the Ravana
    2517 Ramayanaya and Sri Lanka According to Ramayana story, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, belongs to a family of migrants from North India who had close connections with region of the Yadus,
    2517 BC - Ravana gets killed in Balangoda during March, 2517BC Ravana, while attending to the wounds suffered in combat by Vibishana (his brother) in Balangoda,
    1000 BC - Sri Lanka has the latest technology : Iron technology is evident in SL
    900 BC - Anuradapura, a major town of, at least 10 Hectares (25 Acres). Anuradhapura was at least 10 ha in extent by ca. 900 BC (perhaps much more). By then prehistoric stone tool technology had been completely superseded by that of iron
    700 BC - Anuradapura Town, 50 Hectares (125 Acres) .
    600 BC - Earliest Proof of Brahmi writing in Lanka At 600-500 BC, the very first appearance of writing (in Brahmi letters almost identical to the Asokan script 200 years later) marked the beginning of the Early Historic period. This writing, radiocarbon dated on charcoal and checked by thermoluminescence dating, is inscribed on potsherds signifying the ownership. Among the names, was Anuradha.
    483 BC - Vijaya lands in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya is built in Thiriyaya. Buddha's relics are enshrined in Mahiyanganaya Dagaba Sarabu Maharahatan Vahanse picked Budda relics from the burning cortege and arrived in Mahiyanganaya
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  • Historical Development of Sinhala and Scripts click on the links!!
    -Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    -Unethical conversion violates the UN convention on the right of the child


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"Human Rights Watch, one of the world's best-financed and most influential human rights organizations? It turns out that they cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true".-Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Amnesty and HRW may research their material and appear to be neutral in their assessments every time, no one can really evaluate their impartiality unless one sets out to investigate their background funding, behind-the-scenes researchers and the influences under which they operate. Read "Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI) in Sri Lanka"


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