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Is Ranil Chasing Peace or Dollars or Both? what role Ranil played in the 1983 pogrom"?
SRI LANKA Government forcesNon-state armed groups -Full Story- (HRW - 29/01/04)

Sri Lanka may be heading for a Sinhala-Buddhist version of Hindutva -Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 27/01/04)

Chandrika asks Tamils not to 'mortgage destiny' to LTTE -Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 24/01/04)

UNICEF urges Tamil Tigers to stop recruiting child soldiers in Sri Lanka. -Full Story- (UNICEF - 23/01/04)

Call to increased action for Sri Lanka's war affected children . -Full Story- (UNICED - 23/01/04)

Lankan alliance promises parliamentary form of Govt .-Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 21/01/04)
US sheds inhibition, opts for direct contact with LTTE
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times- 19/01/04)
President's term of office
by Dr. Reeza Hameed -Full Story- (The Sunday Observer - 11/01/04)

Has Ranil Lost His Direction In The Peace Process?Periscope-Global Sinhala Village For LankaWeb -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 09/01/04)

JVP lashes Ranil for getting USA to intimidate masses -Full Story- (The Daily Mirror - 06/01/04)

View from Colombo: Government debts still exceed GDP -Full Story- (The Gulf News - 15/12/03)

Tigers 'still enlisting' children -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 11/12/03)
SRI LANKA: Opportunity Lurks under Crisis of Troubled Nation
-Full Story- (IPS - 15/11/03)
Hit the brakes! Form a National Govt.!
by Dayan Jayatilleka
-Full Story- (The Island - 09/11/03)

Sri Lankan leaders are parting ways on a contentious issue
Kuldip NayarThe writer, a former Indian High Commissioner to the UK and a former Rajya Sabha MP. -Full Story- (The Gulf News - 09/11/03)
President offers Govt of national reconciliation Full Text-Full Story- (The Daily News - 08/11/03)
There was no emergency, says President's office -Full Story- (The Hindu - 08/11/03)
Sri Lankan developments pose dilemma for India
JN Dixit New Delhi, -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 08/11/03)
SRI LANKA IN CRISIS AGAIN -Full Story- (The Hindu - 07/11/03)
War clouds mass in Sri Lanka - again -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 07/11/03)
The Sacking of Three Ministers and Suspending Sri Lanka's ParliamentSociety for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc (SPUR)-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 06/11/03)
LTTE wants its way and Norway
-Full Story- (The Island Midweek Review - 05/11/03)
Devolution to whom? The Tamil people
.-Full Story- (The Island - 05/11/03)
Fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day
-Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 05/11/03)
Nothing federal about this
-The Hindu Editorial

-Full Story- (The Hindu - 04/11/03)

LTTE says India cannot dictate framework for solution -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 04/11/03)

Tiger demands: Beyond the federal paradigm
By Dayan Jayatilleka -Full Story- (The Island - 04/11/03)

Abomination!by S.L.Gunasekara,President Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya -Full Story- (The Island - 04/11/03)
LTTE proposals go beyond devolution- CBK-Full Story- (The Island - 04/11/03)
`No provision for pluralistic democracy in LTTE proposals' -Full Story- (The Hindu - 04/11/03)
Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles-Full Story- (The Lankaweb - 03/11/03)

IA Proposals of LTTE - a Deed for an ethnic Real Estate without encumbrancesDr Nath Amarakone President - ESP -Full Story- (The Lankaweb - 03/11/03)
LTTE proposal, just old wine in new bottle. -Full Story- (The Indian Express - 03/11/03)
'LTTE peace proposal threat to Indian security'
-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 03/11/03)
LTTE demands full control over North-East -Full Story- (The Hindu - 03/11/03)

Coming closer to crunch timeBy H. L. D. Mahindapala-Full Story- (The Lankaweb - 31/10/03)
The Maneater-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 19/08/03)

An open letter to HE President
A Highly dismayed former supporter of Chandrika and PA -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 30/07/03)

Reinventing the Sri Lankan State or creation of two states?
By Gamini Weerakoon Editor -Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 28/10/03)

India, Sri Lanka to conclude Defence Pact 'at the earliest'-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 22/10/03)
India keeps door open for defence pact with Sri Lanka-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 22/10/03)
Behave like a 'regional power', Lankan commentator tells India -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 17/10/03)
India tenacious about seeking Prabhakaran's extradition: Sinha-Full Story- (Deepika Global - 15/10/03)
Sri Lanka's president on Tuesday threatened to dismiss the country's prime minister and cabinet-Full Story- (iht - 15/10/03)
Ethnic Clashes Intensify in Eastern Sri Lanka -Full Story- (oneworld - 15/10/03)

"Avi Thopeya Bima Apeya" - SU Ready to go to Wan-Ela.-Full Story- (Spur - 14/10/03) SU Ready to go to Wan-Ela.
Sri Lanka Nationalist Party Vows To March On Rebel Camp
-Full Story- (DJ - 14/10/03)

The regime change scenario: Another ’56?
"We shall not allow the UNP to raise its head for the rest of history." - Anura Bandaranaike at Nittambuwa , Sept. 29th
-Full Story- (The Island - 05/10/03)

India rushed ammunition to Lanka to meet crisis: Report -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 30/09/03)
Torn between Govt and LTTE, Annan rethinks Lanka visit -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 29/09/03)
Lankan Muslims arming against LTTE: Chandrika -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 25/09/03)
Inside the elusive mind of Prabakaran-Full Story- (The Island - 23/09/03)
Will Ranil’s strategy work?
-Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 23/09/03)
TN plans action under POTA against union ministers-Full Story- (The Times of India - 19/09/03)
I am not afraid of arrest: Kannappan-Full Story- (The Times of India - 19/09/03)
If Mahanayakas fail alternative measures a must — Ven. Omalpe Sobhita-Full Story- (The Island - 18/09/03)
US Urges Sri Lankan Rebels to Abandon Terrorism-Full Story- (VOA - 18/09/03)

Prabhakaran eludes even the highest foreign emissaries-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 17/09/03)
CBK’s comprehensive letter to Ranil ‘Don’t conceal truth regarding Trinco security’-Full Story- (The Island - 17/09/03)
Angry India cancels Navy chief's visit to Lanka -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 16/09/03)
LTTE supremo Prabhakaran never trusted India -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 16/09/03)
Inauguration of "Eelam Police" HQ considered significant -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 10/09/03)
SLFP split to force Lankan president to align with JVP-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 09/09/03)
Electoral pact with SLFP possible: JVP. -Full Story- (The Sunday Island - 08/09/03)
Intelligence failed to crack messages on Rajiv's killing-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 07/09/03)
Lanka army will not fire first at LTTE-Full Story- (The Times of India - 06/09/03)
President, PM must act now to stop LTTE build-up in Trinco – JVP-Full Story- (The Island - 05/09/03)
Kadirgamar’s crime
-Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 05/09/03)
A General Election, the only solution-Full Story- (The Island-Editorial - 25/08/03)
umaratunga’s party slams Norway, Japan over Lanka peace bid-Full Story- (The News - 25/08/03)
Adrian Hamilton: Today's terrorists, tomorrow's leaders
-Full Story- (The NZ Herald - 22/08/03)
LTTE squads in Colombo to kill Chandrika
-Full Story- (The Times of India - 21/08/03)

The Maneater
-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 19/08/03)
Kumaratunga’s party slams Norway, Japan over Lanka peace bid-Full Story- (The News - 25/08/03)
Adrian Hamilton: Today's terrorists, tomorrow's leaders
-Full Story- (The NZ Herald - 22/08/03)
LTTE squads in Colombo to kill Chandrika
-Full Story- (The Times of India - 21/08/03)
Osama squads to fight the LTTE
-Full Story- (The Times of India - 20/08/03)
The international safety netBy Durand Appuhamy . -Full Story- (The Island - 20/08/03)
The Maneater
-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 19/08/03)

Trincomalee poorly defended: Sri Lankan Navy
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 11/08/03)

LTTE-UNDP bid to oust Indian de-miners fails -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 11/08/03)
LTTE blamed in latest political killing-Full Story- (The Times of India - 11/08/03)

The policies advocated to 'Regain Sri Lanka'

By Dr. H. N. S. Karunatilake-Full Story- (The Island - 11/08/03)
Sri Lanka: Rights Groups Say LTTE-linked Killings Continue with Impunity
-Full Story- ( - 08/08/03)
Britain has not done enough to contain LTTE activity — Lord Avebury
-Full Story- (The Island - 05/08/03)
The LTTE cannot be trusted - Lord Avebury
-Full Story- (The Island - 05/08/03)
: -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 02/08/03)

Sri Lanka's Tigers say ready for war - to push peace " -Full Story- (PTD - 29/07/03)

Army-LTTE face-off likely -Full Story- (The Hindu - 03/07/03)
LTTE violated U.N. law of the sea: monitoring mission
-Full Story- (The Hindu - 30/06/03)
Sri Lanka president's party says fresh fighting in two weeks Friday, -Full Story- (ptd - 28/06/03)
Peace talks could be revived if given power: LTTE
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 25/06/03)
Offer more powers, we will revive talks: LTTE
-Full Story- (The Times of India - 25/06/03)
SLFP 14th Convention at Nittambuwa Only 10 days ‘ammo’ left to fight LTTE, says CBK
-Full Story- (The Island - 24/06/03)
Mandate for an Interim Administration?

S. L. Gunasekara President, Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya-Full Story- (The Island - 24/06/03
Fatal Strategies of Failed Negotiatorsby Durand Appuhamy -Full Story- (The Island - 24/06/03)
Tigers blamed for police killing-Full Story- (BBC - 24/06/03)
Lankan Navy followed Rules of Engagement in sinking LTTE vessel: Experts
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 23/06/03)

LTTE's roadmap to Eelam threatens to balkanise India: Lankan analyst-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 22/06/03)
Snared in Eelam trap - set in Oslo, clamped tight in Tokyo
-Full Story- (The Island - 22/06/03)
Tigers demand overhaul of Norway's peace bid, reject Sri Lanka overtures -Full Story- (Ptd - 22/06/03)
The LTTE’s Roadmap to Eelam -Full Story- (The Island - 22/06/03)
Armitage Says Sri Lanka Peace Would Be "Tremendous Signal For the World"
(Speaks with Japanese and Sri Lankan media in Tokyo following donor's conference) (2640)-Full Story- (usinfo - 13/06/03)
"Lanka will soon be a sovereign shel", Kadirgamar
Norwegians - 'salmon-eating busybodies'-Full Story- (BBC - 31/05/03)
Body blow to peace process-Full Story- (The Deccan Herald - 31/05/03)
Hon. Kjell Magne Bondevik Prime Minister of Norway Re: Statement in Tokyo re Peace Process in Sri Lanka - Reuters Report May 27,2003-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 31/05/03)
Stamp Out Tamil Tiger Terrorist Gun Running - Help Sri Lanka Eradicate Tamil Tiger Terrorism-Letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand (31 May 2003) issued by the World Alliance Patriotic Organisations-Full Story- (spur - 31/05/03)
Interim admin. demanded by LTTE is nothing but Eelam — JVP-Full Story- (The Island - 27/05/03)
Chandrika puts Govt. on notice -Full Story- (The Hindu - 25/05/03)

LTTE sets tough condition for attending Tokyo conference
(a) fully autonomous,
(b) completely controlled by the LTTE and
(c) entirely outside the present constitition of Sri Lanka.
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 21/05/03)
Rocca given proof of LTTE ceasefire violations -Full Story- (The Hindu - 14/05/03)
Hon. R. Wickremesinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
& Prime Minister's Reply (The LankaWeb - 13/05/03)
Lanka will soon be a sovereign shell, warns Kadirgamar-Full Story- (The Island - 09/05/03)

Senior US Diplomat in Sri Lanka for Talks on Reviving Peace Process
-Full Story- (VOA - 12/05/03)

Lanka political crisis threatens to scuttle peace bid -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 12/05/03)
Lanka will soon be a sovereign shell, warns Kadirgamar
-Full Story- (The Island - 09/05/03)

Sri Lanka: The Judiciary and Human Rights
.-Full Story-(The Asian Tribune-19/02/03)
'FM radio will be used to destroy Tamil Nadu.'
.-Full Story-(The Hindu- 04/02/03)
SRI LANKA: The National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Has Used Its Powers to Bite the Victims and Not the PerpetratorsASIAN CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM 2002 - -Full Story-(oneworld- 13/12/02)
An Indian perspective On the current Peace Process
.-Full Story-
(The Island - 21/11/02)
The transformation of terror?. -Full Story-(Asia Times - 25/09/02)
How Tiger terrorism paid off for Tamils-Full Story-(Sydney Morning Herald)
The Developing Situation in the Nothern and Eastern Provinces-Full Story-(LankaWeb - 11/09/02)
Sri Lanka, rebels must disarm in tandem: Report -Full Story- (Times of India - 10/05/03)
Sri Lanka's government makes offer to Tamils
-Full Story- (GoAsia Pacific - 30/04/03)
Sri Lanka’s peace talks: the devil is in the details
By Somar Wijayadasa, Former Representative of UNAIDS United Nations, New York-Full Story- (The Island - 20/04/03)
SRI LANKA: Peace process under grave threat?

Presenter/Interviewer: Karon Snowdon
Speakers: J.C. Weliamuna, Executive Director of the Colombo Chapter of Transparency International; Paul Harris, journalist and writer on Sri Lankan affairs
. -Full Story- (ABC Net - 19/04/03)

Lanka, Tamil rebels must show results at peace talks
-Full Story- (The Times of India - 11/04/03)

Tamil Tiger demo in Geneva to press homeland demand
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 11/04/03)

Chandrika conveys `concerns' about peace talks
-Full Story- (The Hindu - 11/04/03)
Reflections on Anandasangaree’s interview -Full Story- (The Island - 11/04/03)
Sri Lankan President rejects truce monitor ruling on Chinese trawler attack -Full Story- (Xinhuanet - 09/04/03)
Sri Lankan president accuses Scandinavian truce monitors of bias -Full Story- (ptd - 09/04/03)
It must be SLMM
by Nalin de Silva -Full Story- (The Island - 09/04/03)

Looking beyond the peace talks -Full Story- (The Frontline - 31/03/03)
A troubled course
-Full Story- (The Frontline - 31/03/03)
Troubled waters
-Full Story- (The Frontline - 31/03/03)
Concerns in Mannar
.-Full Story- (The Frontline - 31/03/03)
Child Conscription and Peace: A Tragedy of Contradictions.-Full Story- (The University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna)- 20/03/03)
Let’s have Prabakaran’s Peace Monitors!
The Island Editorial.-Full Story- (The Island- 20/03/03)
Truce monitors accuse Tigers of reneging on promises
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune- 03/03/03)
Lanka PM warns LTTE of breaking cease-fire
-Full Story- (Times of India - 02/03/03)
Local cease-fire monitor obtains bail for LTTE abductors of schoolgirls
.-Full Story-(The Island - 24/02/03)
Call LTTE's bluff
.-Full Story-(The Island - 24/02/03)
Balasingham's View on MOU (In Sinhala).-Full Story-(Divaina-19/02/03)
U.S. Slams S.Lanka Rebels Over Arms Smuggling
.-Full Story-(Reuters-13/02/03)
Chandrika hints at sacking defence minister
.-Full Story-(The Times of India-12/02/03)
President's Hajj message Peace we strive for must safeguard democratic rights - President
-Full Story-(The Island-12/02/03).

LTTE should permit full check on child recruits - President's spokesman.-Full Story-(The Island-12/02/03).
Will Peace be more expensive than war?. .-Full Story-(The Island-12/02/03)
Suicide bombing blunts Sri Lanka peace momentum.-Full Story-(The Times of India-11/02/03).
No request from Tigers to leave trawler, say monitors on board Defence, SLMM differ over explosion
.-Full Story-(The Island -09/02/03).
Red alert in Lanka after suicide bombing
.-Full Story-(The Deccan Herald-09/02/03).

Govt expands political links with LTTE
-Full Story-(The Island -09/02/03).

Chandrika doubts LTTE after suicide blasts.-Full Story-(The Times of India-08/02/03).
Tigers using a truce to smuggle weapons: Sri Lanka president .-Full Story-(ptd -08/02/03).
LTTE Blast: Peace process suffers a jolt -Full Story-(The Hindu -08/02/03).
Chronology of Sri Lankan suicide blasts -Full Story-(ptd -08/02/03):

Ranil advocates 'step-by-step' approach for talks-Full Story-(The Hindu- 19/08/02)
Serving democracy or themselves?.-Full Story-(The Island- 18/08/02).
Peace: How committed are the negotiators? .-Full Story-(The Island-Editorial- 17/08/02)
Sri Lanka Nixes Independent Homeland .-Full Story-(world news- 16/08/02)
Lanka stalemate may drag on .-Full Story-(The Hindustan Times- 16/08/02)
Sri Lanka Lifts Ban on Tamil Rebels.-Full Story-(VOA- 16/08/02)
Sri Lanka to lift rebel ban .-Full Story-(BBC- 16/08/02) .
Tamils, Sri Lanka Set Date for Talks .-Full Story-(World News- 15/08/02)
Sri Lanka makes key concession to Tigers ahead of talks .-Full Story-(ABC - 13/08/02)
Sri Lanka Allows Rebel Boats Free Movement on East Coast
-Full Story-(VOA - 13/08/02)
LTTE interim govt okay: Lanka minister
-Full Story-(Deccan Herald- 13/08/02)
Lanka may head to snap polls -Full Story-(Daily Star News- 13/08/02)

Chandrika rejects govt demand to shed dissolution power Lanka power struggle deepens .-Full Story-(The Deccan Herald- 11/08/02)
Tamils setting up courts, says Sri Lanka president .-Full Story-(Guardian - 11/08/02)
Chandrika rejects Lanka PM's demand.-(The Hindustan Times- 11/08/02)
"Colombo not in a hurry" -Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, Tyronne Fernando .-Full Story-(The Hindu- 10/08/02)'.
Sri Lanka president defies PM .-Full Story-(BBC - 10/08/02)
PA to form govt. when 113 MPs agree .-Full Story-(The Island- 10/08/02)
Sri Lanka's president defies government demand .-Full Story-(LankaWeb - 10/08/02)
Chandrika rules out fresh polls .-Full Story-(The Hindu- 10/08/02).
Snap poll threat in Sri Lanka.-Full Story-(The Deccan Herald- 09/08/02)
Lanka govt may ammend constitution -Full Story-(The Times of India- 09/08/02) .
Kumaratunga may lose power to dissolve parliament .-Full Story-(The Times of India- 09/08/02).
Sri Lankan talks 'next month' .-Full Story-(BBC - 09/08/02) "
Peace Talks Likely in September Between S.Lankan Government, Rebels.-Full Story-(The People Daily- 09/08/02)
PM issues ultimatum to President .-Full Story-(The Island- 08/08/02)
Sri Lankan Opposition `working to topple Govt.'.-Full Story-(The Hindu- 08/08/02)
Lanka ruling party may serve ultimatum to Prez on snap poll-Full Story-(Southnexus - 07/08/02).
Chandrika, govt locked in constitutional battle .-Full Story-(The Times of India- 06/08/02).
"Coup Document", UNP fabrication - President's office .-Full Story-(The Island- 06/08/02)
Presidential putsch or political paranoia?
-Full Story-(The Island- 06/08/02).
Political standoff deepens in Sri Lanka .-Full Story-(The Times of India- 06/08/02).
Sri Lanka state media allege bid to oust PM.-Full Story-(msnbc - 05/08/02)
Tamil Tigers capture soldier.-Full Story-(bbc - 05/08/02)
TV claims spy camera cost only Rs. 445,000.-Full Story-(The Island- 05/08/02)
Kumaratunga begins talks on ethnic issue-(The Times of India- 27/07/02)
Bush supports peace moves in Lanka-(Times of India - 26/07/02)
Lankan minister speaks in favour of Vaiko- (The Times of India-22/07/02)"
`Produce thousands of Vaikos' - (The Hindu -22/07/02).
Don't belittle Tamil struggle, says Nedumaran- (The Hindu -22/07/02).
Smiles that conceal the worries-(The Economist -19/07/02)
No signs of thaw in Lanka-LTTE standoff -(Times of India -19/07/02)
Indian MP remanded over Tiger support-(BBC - 13/07/02)
Lanka's Tamil alliance flays Vaiko's arrest-(Times of India - 13/07/02)
Chandrika's party casts doubts over peace talks-(Times of India - 22/06/02)
People's Alliance warns of drift in peace process-(The Hindu - 22/06/02)
JVP urges Ranil to reconsider lifting of ban on LTTE-(The Times of India-18/06/02).
Unarmed LTTE rebels cross over to Lanka's northern islands -(The Times of India-18/06/02).
Sri Lankan Peace Talks Likely to Be Further Delayed Peace talks between the Sri Lankan government and separatist-(Xinhuanet-17/06/02)
Lanka revives 'dormant' accord -(The Deccan Herald-17/06/02)
Extradition call a threat to Sri Lanka peace deal -(smh-13/06/02)
Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels to Shun Peace Talks: Leftist Party-(The People Daily-13/06/02).
India asserts demand for Prabhakaran's extradition operational -(Southnexus-12/06/02)
India reaffirms Sri Lanka backing -(BBC-12/06/02).
Lanka evasive on LTTE chief's extradition-(The Times of India-12/06/02).
Sri Lankan peace in limbo -(The Times of India-12/06/02)
Lanka PM evasive on Prabhakaran's extradition -(The Hindustan Times-11/06/02).
Lankan peace hinges on India' -(The Daily Star News-11/06/02)
Muslim party wants to 'share' administration with LTTE -(The Deccan Herald-10/06/02).

Don't get caught in LTTE trap warns Malwatte Mahanayake-(The Island-10/06/02).

India has not stopped us from talking to the LTTE: Ranil-(The Hindu-09/06/02).
Sri Lanka Seeks Indian Support for Peace Bid -
(The Teheran Times-09/06/02).

Sri Lanka says to lift rebel ban 10 days before talks
-(yahoo -07/06/02)

Lanka PM relents -
(The Hindustan Times-07/06/02)

Lanka to lift ban on LTTE after PM's visit to India -
(Times of India -06/06/02)

Talks with LTTE to focus on interim admin: Ranil
(Times of India -06/06/02)
Sri Lankan Buddhists call for peace -
(The Japan Times- 04/06/02).
Lankan peace process hits snags again-
(Deccan Herald - 02/06/02)
Lanka hopes peace will bring economic rewards-(Times of India - 02/06/02)
Delayed peace process irks Chandrika -(Times of India -01/06/02)
S. Lankan President Wants Core Issues in Agenda for Peace Talks-
(The People's Daily-29/05/02).
Lanka President opposes interim deal with LTTE-
(The Times of India-28/05/02).
Agenda for Lanka peace talks more important than fixing date: Norway -(The Deccan Herald-28/05/02).
Six months of terrorist dominance confirms 'RANILTA BEHA'
-A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA.(The LankaWeb-22/05/02)
Lanka may lease out oil tanks to IOC -
(The Times of India-20/05/02)
Lankan PM lacks power to implement ceasefire: LTTE -
(The Times of India-18/05/02).
India's ban extension a wrong move: LTTE -(The Times of India-18/05/02)"
Sri Lanka peace talks to begin in June: Wickremesinghe-(Yahoo-18/05/02)"

Stop this 'Peace War' -(The Island 18/05/02)
Major ceasefire crisis averted-(The Island-18/05/02)
LTTE casts shadow over peace talks-
(Times Of India -17/05/02).
Monitor human rights, says Lankan peace group-(NDTV-15/05/02)
Sri Lankan Opposition Legislators Pledge to Safeguard Sovereignty-
India differentiates between Tamil rights and terrorism-(The Island Editorial-16/05/02).
Talks between LTTE, govt may be delayed: Paper-(The Times of India-16/05/02).
Tamil paper rules out early talks with Sri Lanka -(The Ireland-16/05/02).
No assurances to LTTE on interim administration: Ranil.-(The Deccan Herald-14/05/02).
No deal with LTTE without people's consent: Ranil -(The Hindu-14/05/02).
S.Lankan PM Says No Assurances Given to Tamil Rebels-(The People's Daily-14/05/02).
Fresh hurdles plague Lankan peace process
-(NDTV -13/05/02).
Ranil to brief Vajpayee on peace process-(Times of India -13/05/02).
Tamil rebels skirting 'core' issues: Kumaratunga-(southnexus -11/05/02)
LTTE pressure on TNA MPs to resign? -(The Island-11/05/02).
Barbarians at the doors of Parliament -(The Island-11/05/02).
Lankan govt says it has no plans to repeal Pota -(The Times of India-09/05/02)
Sri Lankan Defense Minister Wary of Truce Pact Criticism -
India offers 'expertise' at talks
-(The Hindu -08/04/02).
Opposition upset over possible ADB-LTTE agreement on A9 road rehabilitation-(The Island -08/04/02).
Tamil MPs to lobby PM for repeal of terrorism act-(The Dawn -08/04/02).
The LTTE-The metamorphosis appears, as of now, to be more opportunistic than genuine.(Outlook India-07/04/02).
Norway to double truce monitors in Sri Lanka -(The Times of India-06/04/02). .

S.Lankan SLFP Party Opposes Forming Interim Administration-
(People Daily -05/05/02)

Lanka leaders fight over peace process-
(Hindustan Times -05/05/02)
S.Lankan SLFP Party Opposes Forming Interim Administration-(People Daily -05/05/02).

President Kumaratunga says truce threatens Sri Lanka security-(Yahoo-05/05/02).
Ranil trying to cut deal a with LTTE: Kumaratunga -(The Times of India-04/05/02).
Chandrika warns against "division of country"-(The Hindu-03/05/02).
Navy steps up patrols after blast of suspected Tiger craft -(yahoo-03/05/02)
Navy recovers 'ammo' from LTTE vessel-(Island-03/05/02)
Wickremesinghe plays down clash -(The Hindu -03/05/02)
Chandrika scornful, Ranil defends peace efforts-(Deccan Herald-03/05/02)
Complaints flood Sri Lanka committee-(BBC-03/05/02)
Chandrika blasts SLMM for freeing LTTE boats
.-Full Story-(The Deccan Herald-02/05/02).

Ranil has Abdicated to Prabhakaran-
By Hassina Leelarathna From Sri Lanka Express (Sri Lanka Express-01/05/02)

Denial on Pottu Amman to avoid Indian reaction?-(The Hindu-30/04/02)

Lanka acts to avoid antagonising India-(Gulf News -29/04/02).
No Tamil homeland-(Hindustan Times -29/04/02).
Ranil rejects LTTE's state demand-(Times of India -29/04/02)
Civilians of Ampara-Batticaloa complain to Norway about LTTE extortion in East-
(The Island -25/04/02)
Plight of EP Tamils: Who governs the Amparai and Batticaloa districts today? -(The Island -25/04/02).
Lanka govt under fire from Opposition-(The Times of India-25/04/02).
President's brother joins protest against-
Talks with LTTE on 'one nation' theory basis -
(The Times of India-25/04/02)


Sangha opposes Tiger de-ban -(The Island - 22/04/02).
Deproscription -(The Island Editorial- 22/04/02).
All Senior Buddhist Monks and Laity Reject MOU, Warn Against LTTE Intentions, and Future Disasters-(The LankaWeb - 21/04/02).
Sri Lankan president and India tread softly on peace-(yahoo - 22/04/02).
Centre not to interfere in Lanka-LTTE talks-(The Times of India- 22/04/02).
Ranil to brief Vajpayee on peace process-(The Times of India- 22/04/02).
Don Juan (Ranil) Wicks admits LTTE arms smuggling, and shamelessly praises the terrorists. -A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA(The LankaWeb-20/04/02)
LTTE calls for delay in peace talks -
(The Times of India-19/04/02).
Weaken Tigers before talks, say Marxists.(The Gulf News-19/04/02) .
Chandrika warns Ranil against flirting with LTTE -
(The Times of India-18/04/02)
The Sama Samajist wisdom - (The Island Editorial-18/04/02)
Lanka: quest for peace or buying time-

Sri Lankan Govt Considers Lifting Ban on Tamil Rebels -
Lanka: quest for peace or buying time-

Lankans unsure about Tiger's stripes-
(The Times of India-14/04/02).

Reading the 'latest' from the LTTE: It's either Eelam or it's Eelam
- By Malinda Seneviratne(The Island-13/04/02)
Gulf News says: Nothing new- (The Gulf News-14/04/02).
Ranil sees change in LTTE, considers lifting ban - (The Hindu-14/04/02).
Government 'living in a dream world' - (The Gulf News-14/04/02).
'Prabhakaran extradition is being pursued' -
(The Economic Times-13/04/02).
Reading the 'latest' from the LTTE: It's either Eelam or it's Eelam- By Malinda Seneviratne(The Island-13/04/02).
US tells LTTE to give up armed struggle- (The Times of India-13/04/02).
India says Sri Lankan rebels still terrorists- (yahoo-13/04/02).
Hopes for early end to civil war take a dip - (The Gulf News-13/04/02).
Sri Lanka sees silver lining in Tiger demands to end bloodshed
- (yahoo-12/04/02).

Lanka PM praises Pirabhakaran -(The Hindustan Times-12/04/02)"
India unimpressed, Sri Lanka sees hope-(The Hindustan Times-12/04/02).
LTTE chief Prabhakaran sticks to guns on separate state- (yahoo-11/04/02)
Govt. allows LTTE to run buses-(The Daily Mirror-12/04/02).
Tigers violated truce agreement-SLMM -(The Daily Mirror-12/04/02).

No public transport on A9 yesterday-(The Island-09/04/02)
Jaffna Road opening may be put off - (The Hindu-08/04/02).

Power for LTTE - (The Hindustan Times-06/04/02).
Expulsion of Muslims from north a 'blunder':
(The Times of India-06/04/02)

Sri Lanka's Ceasefire Monitoring Mission Chief to
Meet Tamil Rebel Leaders-
(The People's Daily-06/04/02)
Security reports by Army still withheld
-Ceasefire violations:-
(The Island-06/04/02)
Sri Lanka to set up parliamentary panel to oversee truce- (PTI News-05/04/02).
In war-torn Sri Lanka, truce holds `day by day' -(The Chicago Tribune-05/04/02)
No plans to offer bases to US Navy: Lanka-(The Tims of India-04/04/02).
Colombo to discuss transfer of power to north-east-(The Hindu-02/04/02).
Muslims wary of Lanka peace efforts-(The Times of India-01/04/02).
Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels Set Condition for Peace Talks -(Xinhuanet-01/04/02).

LTTE demand interim council ahead of talks-(The Times of India-01/04/02).
Talks to focus on interim govt -(The Hindustan Times-01/04/02).
Trinco likely to be major target if Tigers go back to war
Prabhakaran wants 10,000 cadres for "final battle"-
(The Island-31/03/02).

Tigers spell out conditions for talks -(The Gulf News-31/03/02).
Tigers manoeuvre to keep rivals out of politics-(The Gulf News-31/03/02).

Thailand Capital to host talks
-(The Bangkok Post- 30/03/02)''

Prabhakaran agrees to direct talks -(The Daily News- 27/03/02).
Don't force the pace, LTTE warns Ranil -(The Hindu- 23/03/02).
LTTE declares Trincomalee Eelam capital -(The Hindustan Times- 20/03/02).
UNHCR says Sri Lanka still fragile -(BBC- 20/03/02).
"The demand for an independent Eelam could not be given up before the government agreed to give the Tamils a political structure equal to it"-Karikalan-(The Hindustan Times- 19/03/02)
Surrendering Democracy and Rewarding Terrorism
The Memorandum of Capitulation (MoC)

Sri Lanka Marxists, Buddhists protests peace bid
-(msnbc- 19/03/02)''
A SINHALA PM RAISES SINHALA LION IN JAFFNA!-By Prof. Hudson Mclean (Lankanews- 18/03/02).
Nation under Subjugation-(LankaWeb- 17/03/02).
US, Lanka in talks on military cooperation -(The Times of India- 17/03/02).
US Assistant Secretary of State: LTTE must prove it's not terrorist group-(The Sunday Observer- 17/03/02).
Holding a brief?
(The Island Editorial- 15/03/02).
Promises galore as Ranil visits Jaffna-(The Times of India - 15/03/02).

Sri Lanka president has reservations over peace bid -(yahoo- 07/03/02).
Kumaratunga keen to join hands with Ranil -(ndtv- 07/03/02).
Revisiting the MoU-(The Island- 06/03/02).
Confidence Deflating Measures-(The Island- 06/03/02).

Eric the Viking: Deconstructing Solheim
-(LankaWeb- 05/03/02).
-Full Story-(LankaWeb- 04/03/02)
Peace but not at cost of security, says Lankan PM -(The Deccan Herald- 05/03/02).
Prabhakaran traps the Norwegians -(The Island- 04/03/02).
Monitor the monitors -(The Island- 04/03/02).
LTTE's salvo against Chandrika
(The Hindu- 04/03/02)
Tigers flay Chandrika for opposing truce pact -(The Deccan Herald- 04/03/02).
Sri Lanka minister sees ceasefire critics silenced -(yahoo- 03/03/02).
What's wrong with this picture? -(The Island- 03/03/02).
Kumaratunga slams Norway, wants truce reviewed
(yahoo - 02/03/02).
JVP burns copy of ceasefire accord Colombo-(The Gulf News- 02/03/02).
'Norway's role undermines Lanka's sovereignty' Sri Lankan President Chandrika-(The Times of India- 02/03/02).
Sri Lankan president urges review of landmark ceasefire-(Yahoo - 02/03/02).
Truce Agreement With Tamil Rebels Threat to Sovereignty: S.Lankan President-(The People's Daily- 02/03/02).
Kumaratunga calls for review of ceasefire (yahoo - 01/03/02).
Chandrika resents truce-(The Gulf News- 01/03/02).(Full Story)

Strawberries & cream from Norway for Sri Lanka's surprise peace party
The Norwegian tax payer has been led into anointing a division of turf between the Prabhakaran-controlled warlord clique and the Wijewardena clan in Sri Lanka. Since Independence, the Wijewardena clan has subtly occupied the role of Haiti's Duvallier clan. The Prabhakaran group had come forward to receive sheep thrown in the wilderness, Sri Lanka's Tamil citizens. This came about when the Wijewardena clan and its minions presided over the burning of Tamil homes in 1983. The Duvallier limousine was powered by voodoo, the Wijewardena limousine was powered by ethnic conflict.-Full Story-(The LankaWeb- 24/02/02)
Why Sinhala people think there is no otherway than a negotiated settlement -(The LankaWeb- 01/03/02):
Sri Lanka media says president threatens to cancel ceasefire - (yahoo- 27/02/02)
Thoughts on the 'Ceasefire Agreement' -(The Island- 26/02/02). (Full Story)
Sri Lankan Presidential Secretariat Refutes -(The People's Daily- 25/02/02).
Presidential Secretariat refutes statement by Prof. Peiris -(The Daily News- 25/02/02).
Opposition may move court against Ranil Govt. -(The Hindu- 26/02/02). (Full Story )
Chandrika refused to sign agreement -(The Gulf News- 26/02/02). (Full Story .)
Prabhakaran sprang a surprise on Ranil -(The Times of India- 25/02/02).
The peace frenzy -(The Sunday Times- 25/02/02)
Lanka not to monitor MoU-(The Hindustan Times- 24/02/02).
"This is nothing less than a democratic government kneeling before terrorists. This is treason," the Marxist People's Liberation Front -(The Times of India- 24/02/02).
Lankan oppn disagrees on truce pact -(The Deccan Herald- 24/02/02).
Mixed Views on Sri Lanka -(The Washington Post- 24/02/02).
Not obtaining approval for MoU-(The Island- 24/02/02).
Peace process... tread warily -(The Island- 24/02/02).
Chandrika faults Sri Lankan Govt.-(The Hindu- 24/02/02) .
No other way but negotiations, says Ranil-(The Island- 24/02/02) .

The Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels have signed a permanent ceasefire ending 19 years of civil war. The decision was announced by the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Jan Petersen, in Oslo-(BBC- 22/02/02).
Rebel leader Velupillais a hero to minority Tamils who yearn for his vision of a separate homeland. Sinhalese view him as a bloodthirsty killer who has perfected the use of human bombs - young Tamil men and women who detonate explosives wrapped around their bodies in hopes of killing politicians or military figures, and anyone around them.-(The Times of India- 23/02/02).
The chief negotiator of the Tamil Tigers, Anton Balasingham, said on Thursday that he would not sit down for talks until a ban on the Tamil Tigers is lifted.-(BBC- 22/02/02)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said details of the truce would only be discussed on Sunday, after the truce comes into effect, according to the Norwegians.-(BBC- 22/02/02)


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