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Nothing Must Stand In The Way Of The President's Aspirations Towards A Better Nation Devoid Of Terrorists! (The LankaWeb - 11/08/07)

LTTE Leader's Heroe's Day Address Put Into Proper Perspective. (LankaWeb 15/11/06)

Should A Clear Cut Government Policy Incorporate The Inclusion Of Karuna's Support Towards A Better Nation? -(LankaWeb 15/11/06)

Presidential Resolve Towards Peace In The Manner He Envisions It, Comforting For The Nation! (Editorial - 14/02/06)

Ridding The Nation Permanently Of Terrorists A Worst Case Scenario But A Necessary One! - (Editorial - 28/12/05)

It Needs More Than Lip Service In Dealing With The LTTE Who Are Terrorists And Have No Right To Legal Recognition!- (Editorial - 21/12/05)

-Sri Lankan Armed Forces Should Not Be Intimidated By LTTE Provocations While Maintaining Status Quo.- (Editorial - 16/12/05)

LTTE Terrorist Representation In The UK And Their Freedom To Exist As Legal Citizens Makes the More Discerning Wonder!- (Editorial - 07/12/05)

Caution Needs To be Exercised By The President Despite The Tone Of Resignation In LTTE Leader's Speech!- (Editorial - 30/11/05)

A New President Capable Of Restoring Sri Lanka To Her Past Glory ! - (Editorial - 23/11/05)

Unstoppable Forces Projecting A Rajapakse Win!- (Editorial - 16/11/05)

A Rajapakse Win Is A Win For The Nation And A Pointer To The LTTE !- (Editorial - 09/11/05)

The Forthcoming Presidential Election A Precursor To The True Leadership Needed For Sri Lanka!- (Editorial - 01/11/05)

-Electing Ranil As President Would Be Casting Sri Lanka To Damnation !- (Editorial - 26/10/05)

Food For Thought For The Discerning Voters On The Merits Of The Better Presidential Candidate Based Purely Upon Their Manifestos ! (Editorial - 18/10/05)

Pro Wickremasinghe Propaganda Alone Will Be Insufficient To Defeat Mahinda!- (Editorial - 11/10/05)

A Comparative Analysis Towards Concluding Who Would Be The Best Choice For President!- (Editorial - 28/09/05)

The Real Objectives Of The Next President And Who It Might be Given the Facts!- (Editorial - 28/09/05)

.Forthcoming Presidential Election Needs To Be A Stepping Stone Towards Disbanding The Terrorists ! - (Editorial - 21/09/05)

Strange Scenarios In The Buildup Towards Presidential Electon! - (Editorial - 14/09/05)

The Agenda Of A Succesful Future President Offset Against The Presidential Race- (Editorial - 07/09/05)

Projections On Who has The Best Chances Of Winning The Forthcoming Presidential Elections- (Editorial - 31/08/05)

Whither Goest Sri Lanka Now In The Absence Of One Of Her Greatest Peers ? The Answer Rests With Her Leadership!- (Editorial - 23/08/05)

The Advice Of Pundits A Hindrance Towards Implementing The Tasks At Hand - (Editorial - 17/08/05)

LTTE Attrocities Condemned By Many Non- LTTE Supportive Tamils A Turning Of The Tide?- (Editorial - 09/08/05)

As Long AS Terrorists Are Harbored, The Nation's Woes Will Continue- (Editorial - 03/08/05)

Co-Chairs May Have Caused More Distress Than Relief And Complicated The President's Direction!- (Editorial - 28/07/05)

Thamilchelvam's Threat That "War Is Inevitable", Ignorant And Irresponsible! - (Editorial - 19/07/05)

The Whys ? And Wherefores! About The LTTE Having No Right Towards P-Toms Participation, Being Terrorists.- (Editorial - 13/07/05)

Dark Premonitions Over The Political Horizon Of Sri Lanka ! - (Editorial - 06/07/05)

The Blatant Persistence Of Unilateral Presidential Assent Towards Effecting the P-TOMS May Be Her Undoing! - (Editorial - 29/06/05)

Despite Presidential Assurances The Nation Could Be On The Verge Of Disaster!- (Editorial - 22/06/05)

Show LTTE The Book! Not P-Toms And In So Doing Atone For A Few Presidential Lapses (Editorial - 15/06/05)

Is Sri Lanka Headed Towards Political Crossroads Through Presidential Risk Taking?- (Editorial - 07/06/05)

Patriotism Must Override Terrorism As The JVP and The JHU Demand, With No Compromises!- (Editorial - 01/06/05)

Perplexities Of The Joint Mechanism And The Non Entitlement Of LTTE Participation- (Editorial - 25/05/05)

Tsunami Relief Must Not Facilitate LTTE Re-Vamping And Should Not Be Interpreted As A Peace Tool As Long As The LTTE Remain Terrorists!- (Editorial - 18/05/05)

Joint Mechanism, A Signing Away Of Entitlements And Security Of A Greater Proportion Of Sri Lanka's Populace.- (Editorial - 08/05/05)

Killing Has Never Been A Current 'Governmental Sport' But Perhaps One Favoured By The LTTE! (Editorial - 02/05/05)

Decisions Involving The Joint Mechanism Need To Be Resolved By the President And The JVP Without External Participation ! (Editorial - 27/04/05) .

Canada's Rescinding Of Sri Lankan High Commissioner Appointee Could Be Based On Pro LTTE Tamil Lobby!- (Editorial - 18/04/05)

Wisdom In The Saying, "Give Karuna A Chance " As A Viable Alternative !- (Editorial - 11/04/05)

The UPFA Coalition Having Come Thus Far Must Continue Undivided !- (Editorial - 04/04/05)

A Welcome Alternative To The Idealogies Of The Pirapaharan Brigade ! - (Editorial - 30/03/05)

Precedent Creating Suggestions About the LTTE By Visiting Lankan Dignitaries To Any Nation Defeats The Objectives Against Global Terrorism!- (Editorial - 21/03/05)

The Tamil National Front Has Presented An Opportunity To The Administration Towards Recognizing Who Really Merits Tamil Representation ! - (Editorial - 14/03/05)

JVP Finds World Bank Representative's Definition Of LTTE Rights In the North and North East Contentious And Rightfully So!- (Editorial - 08/03/05)

UPFA Fences Need Mending Lest They Collapse!The Responsibility Is In The Hands Of Its Leadership!- (Editorial - 28/02/05)

Bonding Between The JVP And SLFP Needs To Be Firm And Unshakable!- (Editorial - 22/02/05)

A Breakdown Of SLFP-JVP Relations Could Project A Different Kind Of Tsunami!- (The LankaWeb -14/02/05)

Petty Differences Within The Ruling Coalition Needs Immediate Ironing Out! - (The LankaWeb -07/02/05)

The Timing Of JVP Dissentions Within The Administrations Inopportune And Inauspicious!- (The LankaWeb -31/01/05)

Latest Norwegian-LTTE Posturing In Kilinochchi Seems To Have A Familiar Hollow Ring To It!- (The LankaWeb -24/01/05)

LTTE's Smoke Screening Of The Relief Effort Devised To Their Own Advantage And Needs To be Quelled ! - (The LankaWeb -10/01/05)

The Aftermath Of The Tsunami A Humbling Reminder of Priorities And Fragilities.- (The LankaWeb -10/01/05)

The Tsunami Devastations A Jarring of The Senses !- (The LankaWeb -02/01/05)

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